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You can take the girl out of Wisconsin, but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the girl. June is DAIRY MONTH! Enjoy some 🧀 🥛 🍦 each day to celebrate!  If you’re local, you can find cheese from my small business stocked at Cody’s in Marengo, IL  and Stade’s farm in McHenry! Thank you for supporting our wonderful dairy industry!  What is your favorite dairy product? created by Mary Pat Sass with Gustav Lundgren & Unit's Monsters, Inc
A behind-the-scenes of what it looks like to set up a trial on our farm.

We try new things every year- whether it be products or practices and we need a way to track those trials throughout the season. We enter trials in our 2020 monitor from
@Precision Planting so we can track them through the season.

For this example, we are trying Seed+ Graphite from Verdesian Life Sciences. If you remember I tried this product in petri dishes this winter and saw very consistent results. I’m excited to get out and dig some plants to share with you soon!

If you want to hear more about the trials we’re working on this summer, listen to episode 5 of Beyond the Crops. Jena and I go over LOTS of different products and practices we’re looking at this season!
#plant2023 #agronomy
#verdesianpartner #precisionplantingpartner
Replying to @Rachel Morris this is what i wanted 💛
We are students of our crop. Each crop. Every year. We are constantly learning new things.

Flag tests from
@Precision Planting help us learn about our current crop, it’s potential, and help us make decisions on which areas to invest in. They also help us make decisions for future seasons and how to improve our operation.

Ideally, all of the corn plants would come up within 24 hours of each other. In this field we had 100% come up within 48 hours which is still good and there’s lots of potential for the season!

Looking forward to following multiple flag tests on multiple chosen hybrids this season!

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