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Local wine, spirits, beer & gourmet food store based in Louisiana 🍷🥃🍺⚜️

Replying to @kellyjonesnyc check out El De Bateo 😉
Replying to @then perish Here are 5 choices to get you started for around $100 😉 let us know what you think 🫶
Replying to @TrashPandaTelevision We recommend you check out our Oak & Eden Bourbon & Spire American Oak Barrel Selection 🤌😮‍💨
Replying to @xavig81996 check out Hayman’s London Dry Gin 😉
Replying to @likecookies we love Suntory but we’d also recommend you try out Iwai 😉
Replying to @Cryptoknight's son Try Out Cane Rock Spiced Jamaican Rum 😉
Replying to @emilia check out Leyenda de Mexico 😉🇲🇽
Replying to @BeanFlickinChicken Here are some cool bottles 🫡
Replying to @Alissa check out Tequila Espectacular, which includes a Blanco, Reposado, and an Añejo 😉
Replying to @Cradilyinyourmouth our current Rum pick is Plantation Rum’s Single Cask Pamana Pauiac Cask, available for $75.99 😉 however, any Plantation Rum is a good choice 🫶
Replying to @JMNS we recommend checking out Ginraw from Barcelona 😉 available at our stores for $39.99
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