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Once a pro 🏊🏻‍♂️, now a triathlete out of passion 🏊🏻‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️ 🇨🇭!


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Let‘s see how fast I can swim 50 meter butterfly this time with fins!😊! 🫵 Can you swim it faster? PS: Bear in mind I am holding a camera with my teeth in my mouth, so I‘d say not bad 💪! Oh yes, I am defenitly not a sprinter, i do middle and long distance. And for all those who want to know what camera I use, the 🎥 is an @Insta360 One RS Camera 😊. #swimming #tri #swimmingworld #swimtraining #swimmingfun #myswimpro #poolswimming #triathlonjourney #sufferfast  #itsaswimmerthing #swimsmarter #swimchannel #swimstagram #speedousaambassador #speedousa #markusmarthaler  created by markus_marthaler with Moby’s Flower
Elements of a Fast Butterfly:

Quick, early catch.

Just like in freestyle where you want to have an early vertical forearm, so it is with the butterfly. Beginner butterfliers will be tempted to pull straight down towards the bottom of the pool in order to bring their head above the water. Focus point are Finger tips down, palms backwards.

What happens when you start to fatigue? Your arms and shoulders seize and you begin to experience what you could call “T-rex’ing” where your arms lose it’s relaxed posture and they bend and harden, shortening your stroke.

Charge forwards; not up and down.

When learning butterfly most swimmers tend to swim in an exaggerated wave pattern. They pull their heads straight-up in order to breathe and then dive straight back down. This leads to a lot of wasted effort. When breathing and pulling through the water your focus should always be on swimming forwards.

Skim your chin across the surface of the water.

When you breathe keep low of a profile. Pick up your head only as much as needed to in order to take a breath, no higher. This results in less wasted energy, increased efficiency, and less of the up-and-down bobbing that is so common with an inefficient fly stroke.

The butterfly kick has a few different functions within the overall stroke – while the first kick drives the arms and hands forward into the catch phase of the pull, the second kick assists in creating some lift to allow the swimmer to pick their head up out of the water and some forward propulsion.

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