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shelby | book marketing


Helping authors sell on social media. 60k books sold, 3k+ students. Programs👇🏼

i am passionate about empowering authors to sell their books on social media without being overwhelmed! grab your guide with video courses in my profile!  #bookmarketing #tiktokmarketing #authorsoftiktok #authortok #writertok  created by shelby | book marketing with Emily (ekelleydesign)’s I have this thing
#duet with @gogivergabe oh hey it’s me! #authortok #tiktokmarketing #writersoftiktok
Can a debut author sell hundreds of books without needing Amazon? 👀 In my latest YouTube video I chat with debut indie author @Mary Belle Books about her preorder and direct sales strategy!

Search marketingbyshelby on YouTube to find it and I’ll link it in my Stories too! It’s worth the watch to get some great tips 🙌

#bookmarketing #authormarketing
HERE 👉🏻 Want a social media content plan with templates, captions, and masterclasses every single month?! (That are already getting authors results like increased sales, engagement and more?)

The Creative’s Content Club is a membership community to help busy creatives grow their impact and income through done-for-you social media marketing content, training and support every month.

As a bestselling author with >55k books sold through social media, I know creatives need special support to sell their work.

That's why I created this club, but doors close to new members Nov 30 so I can focus on supporting everyone in the club community!

*Comment CLUB and I'll send you a limited time 27% savings to join the marketing club - it ends Nov 30!*

Because imagine how your life and impact could be different if you had the special support, resources and training to:

•Easily and quickly create marketing content that sells your work, without over-the-top self-promotion

•Consistently post on social media, growing your audience of customers

•Get more time back to work on your creative passions, pursue new hobbies or spend time with family

•Build a consistent visual brand across all of your marketing platforms for long-term recognition and loyalty

Over 250 authors & creatives have locked in their spot in the club, but it closes tomorrow and won't be open again until 2024.

Let's work together on your marketing 💛

Comment CLUB and I'll send you a limited time 27 percent savings to join the marketing club - it ends Nov 30! (Or find the details in my profile!)

I hope to see you inside!

#authortok #bookmarketing #indieauthor #indiewriter
Replying to @Brittney Brewer | ✨Author✨ MIND. BLOWN. Let me help you with marketing:
•done for you social media content every month for you to personalize & post
•personalized coaching, support, audits & q&as in a private group
•monthly masterclasses and more

All at a lower price than any of my other offers 🤯 Nov 30 is the last day to lock in this amazing deal!

See you in the club 🥰

#bookmarketing #authortok
Replying to @Real Life Works So excited to have you in the club! 🎊
Now is the time to invest in your own marketing skills so you can sell confidently on social media.

Join The Creative’s Content Club alongside 200+ authors and creatives! The bonus email templates expire tonight (Nov 27!) and the discount ends Nov 30!! Visit my profile lnk to enroll or send a message if you want more info or have any questions! 🥰🎊

#bookmarketing #authortok #nanowrimo #writingabook #indieauthors
LISTEN TO THIS 🙌 What we do is hard. So firstly, you should be so PROUD of what you’ve accomplished, no matter how many sales you’ve had.

Secondly, marketing a creative work like a book is different than marketing other products and services.

It takes a special strategy and messaging to get our work seen and sold on social media.

This is what sets The Creative’s Content Club apart: I know the exact social media strategy it takes (which has led to me selling >50,000 products on social media!).

And I’m here to help you increase your income & impact, too, while getting time back for your creative work.

My first month selling my first book, I sold 4 copies. (I had no idea what I was doing and definitely didn’t know how to launch.)

By month six, I was selling 100-200 copies a month, breaking that statistic of books selling less than 250 books in a year.

Then, I reached my first month selling over 1000 copies. My latest 2 books had over 1000 sales before they even launched.

Because I show up on social media, I talk about my books, and I stay consistent.

All of these things can be hard... which is why I created The Creative’s Content Club, which covers all of these things:

-Helping you with consistency, by handing you a monthly content plan complete with graphic templates, video templates and caption templates every month

-Helping you show up on social media, with new lessons on social media and branding monthly to help you grow your social presence, plus content audits every month so you can get personalized feedback on your posts

-Helping you grow your marketing skills with new masterclasses every month (our first masterclass by a guest expert on Pinterest is dropping tomorrow!) Coming up next: email marketing masterclass, and a website design masterclass

-Helping you overcome your blocks, such as imposter syndrome, fear of being salesy, and any challenges you have through our private FB group where you can ask your every marketing question in a live Q&A or right there in the group so I can support you through it

But the club is only open for a few more days, and the email template bonus expires tomorrow so lock in your 27% off today! Llnk in bio 🥰
*your invite to make marketing so much easier* OMG! I’ve been SO excited all week because…

Doors to The Creative’s Content Club are now OPEN!!

And right now, you can get your hands on EVERYTHING inside the club PLUS lock in a huge discount PLUS get a Black Friday bonus!

Let me tell you more about what's inside because I surveyed hundreds of authors & creatives to make this exactly what you need to grow your impact and income:

•A full, professionally designed pack of done-for-you social media templates delivered monthly that are ready to personalize and post, saving you time and getting you results

(Joining now means you'll get November's content pack AND December's, too!)

•Social Media Success Path, with new modules dropping monthly, including:
Crafting a strong social media bio to capture more followers
The marketing and customer foundations you need to succeed as a creative online (already available instantly in the club!)

•A new marketing masterclass released every month with the skills you need to grow your creative biz (The first class is on Pinterest marketing, and the next one is on email marketing!)

•Access to marketing coaching from Shelby, plus live Q&As and support in our club’s private FB group (say goodbye to Googling your questions and getting a million confusing answers)

•Content audits so you can get direct feedback on your social media content and improve

Yes, ALL of this is inside the club...

And right now, you can unlock everything at a significant discount

•PLUS get a pack of email templates for your welcome sequence, to build community, engagement and sales on your email list.

Want to significantly reduce the time you spend on social media marketing and significantly increase your results?

Being a part of The Creative’s Content Club is like having your very own marketing team (at a truly wild price, if I do say so myself)!

Join now thru my blo 💛 or send a message if you want me to send it to ya! 🥰

#bookmarketing #authortok #indieauthor #authormarketing #artistsoftiktok
This was ME. All of these. And if 1 or all of the above apply to you, read this 👇🏼

You put so much time into your creative projects: book, art, whatever it may be. AND there is an audience for your work. I'm not going to sit here and say everything we create is destined to sell millions of copies, but people underestimate certain genres (like poetry - the genre I sold over 50k copies of books in) all the time and you can't let that stop you.

But the greatest barrier, in my opinion, is ourselves. Because all those quotes above are things I told myself and the things I hear other creatives say all the time to themselves.

You CAN learn how to market. There IS an audience for your work. You CAN find a marketing strategy that doesn't take up your time for family and friends and creativity.

You are ALLOWED to promote the thing you worked so hard on and no one is judging you like you think they are. (And also: anyone judging you is not a good fit anyway - keep going for the people who need your work.)

You CAN do this.

Please, if this resonates with you, stop telling yourself you can't. When you say it, catch yourself. Celebrate the accomplishments you have made already.

And stay resilient. Through the rejection, through the low engagement/sales. Keep going 💛

(And P.S. for coaching, community support, marketing templates to save you time, and masterclasses so you can soon say "I AM cut out for marketing" and "I do have time to market after all!", stay tuned for Black Friday weekend so you don't miss your invite to join The Creative's Content Club!)

#bookmarketing #authorsofig #writersofig #artistsofig #indieauthor #artmarketing
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