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I just love clothes Founder of #stylenotsize Shop my fav outfits below:



@off____white I love the hustle and found this skirt on a second hand website. I bought it 4 months ago thinking I was lucky enough to had found it and in my size! Turned out it wasn’t my size but a size down. 2023 hit and my entire mindset changed and with it my health. Couldn’t belive that the skirt fit and that I am more aligned to my energy than ever before!
The viral hashtag #stylenotsize where, my best friend and I dress the same head to toe to really showcase that it should only be about the style of the garments and not your size.

Inclusivity of sizing within the fashion industry dedicated to all people of all cultural backgrounds! That is what we aimed for. And ultimately we did hit some targets! Changing some of today’s renounced fashion brands ✨

Dress is linked in my bio as well as the shoes 🫡
Como estilizar un look completamente negro #darklook #soytandarksquecagomurcielagos #stylingtips

This one’s in Spanish! Next episode in English 💋 “how to style a dark look”
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