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Marc Matthews


🎙Podcaster 🎚Mix/Mastering engineer 💽 Maker of music

🎙️Inside The Mix Episode 106: Dive into Retro Wave and Vocal Production Mastery 🎛️

In this PRODUCER KICKSTART episode, we cover:

🎵 A PRODUCER KICKSTART strategy sesison with Andrew Wood, a.k.a @roguefx_retrowave , diving into his retro wave inspirations and his fantastic dystopian concept EP 'The Fifth Step'.

🎙️ The art and science of vocal production: from the role of preamps and emulations to the magic of doubler plugins.

🔥 Must-know vocal mixing techniques, including using the Black Box saturation plugin and the impressive iPad Pro's QBS for mixing on the go.

🔈 Plus, we get into a deep-dive of vocal mixing techniques you don't want to miss:

1️⃣ Waves Doubler Magic: Create an aux send channel and add the Waves Doubler plugin. Mute the centre channel for instant width and fullness in your vocals.

2️⃣ Reverb Side-chain Technique: Duck the reverb when your vocal is present for a clear and standout vocal mix.

3️⃣ Find the Presence Frequency: Use a narrow Q EQ to spotlight your vocals by notching out competing instruments.

🎧 You can listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts 🍎 and Spotify 🟢, or watch it on YouTube 📺.

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So plug in your headphones, get comfy, and prepare for a deep-dive into the fascinating world of music production. You might just find your next big musical idea!

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