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March of Dimes


Leading the fight for the health of all moms & babies.


Where You Live Matters

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Thank a #healthcarehero in the comments! Today we celebrate #NICUNurseDay , and bring back one of our community’s favorite moments from @THATSEALYGIRL .

#NICUAwarenessMonth #neontalnursesweek #nicunurse #nicustaff #nicu #nicufamily
Thank you @The Latina Doc for raising awareness of the maternity care crisis in the U.S. You too can take action in your state and learn more about #maternitycare deserts at marchofdimes.org/mcdr.

Maternity care deserts are counties where there’s limited or no access to birthing hospitals, birth centers offering obstetric care, or obstetric providers. Areas with low or no access to maternal care affect over 5.6 million women and nearly 350,000 births across the U.S.

Since 2018, March of Dimes has published data on #maternitycaredeserts across the U.S., highlighting areas with inequitable access to maternity care providers and birthing facilities. The data consistently shows that access to maternity care continues to decline, and more resources are needed to make maternal health a priority. #maternalhealth #wellwomancare
#LaborDay is not just a day off, but a time to celebrate the progress we've made working side-by-side with our labor partners to advocate for protections to ensure all pregnant people are protected at work and ensure every mom and baby gets the care and support they need.

For many union members, like Patrick Nuzum, March of Dimes' work is personal. He and his wife lost their baby girl Adeline when Tammy went into labor just after Christmas at 17 weeks and 3 days. Watch their story.

#laborunion #birthstory #birthjourney #pregnancyloss #infantloss #miscarriage #pregnancylossawareness #infantlissawareness #miscarriageawareness
It's true! #Magnesium sulfate can be used during labor and delivery to control your blood pressure, prevent seizures, and slow or stop labor contractions. Even if there might be some less glamorous side effects 😬 it can help with serious complications like #preeclampsia and #pretermlabor . Thanks for sharing your experience @Bri Obaseki !

#laboranddelivery #pregnancy #pregnancystory #laborstory #newmom
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