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Manuel Sainsily | Futuriste


🎓Artist/Speaker/Advisor teaching 3D/XR/AI 👇Download my Free Beginner AI Guide:



Learn how to use Midjourney to remix the Skull of Satoshi by Benjamin Von Wong.

- Link to Ben’s Blog: https://blog.vonwong.com/skull/
- Link to Ben’s Video: https://youtu.be/SAYr_ZB-98o
- Link to Photos and Videos for press: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/rn7ju8v0eosrbzl/AABLoseAodmvNQ5u6hD6kGKBa?dl=0

I’m very proud to be collaborating with Ben &
@Greenpeace on this piece, as climate change is something that impacts me and my family directly, as I was born in the french Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe. The art installation sends a strong message about the consequences of our choices for us and future generations.
This reverse-aging video present in my last reel was made using Midjourney V5 and interpolating frames using @Runway .
Inspired workflow by Nick St-Pierre.

Simply maintain the seed across generation with the same prompt structure:
“A Caribbean 15 years old young man wearing a blue shirt and looking straight at the camera with a smile on his face, in a tropical jungle, 4k, —seed 199”

#midjourneyv5 #immortality #aiart
Extremely proud to have a piece from my #Caribéanofuturisme Afromuseum Montreal exhibition immortalized in the NVIDIA Art gallery, alongside peers and amazing artists @Johannes Saam & @Jo
The Machine Muses: AI in Fashion is a collection part of the Art & Music in Light of AI gallery by Nvidia, following the footsteps of artists such as Vanessa Rosa, Refik Anadol, Hugues Bruyere, Karen X. Cheng James Perlman and Jonathan Stephens.

The dance performance was by the amazing dancer from Guadeloupe: Léa MALGLAIVE.

#Nvidia #NvidiaArt #Ai #Aiinfashion #TheMachineMuses #aiart
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