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Kathrin Zenkina | Manifesting


Ur manifestation BFF🪄 Mama👶🏼 CEO Manifestation Babe 📈👩🏼‍💼 402k on IG



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Sure, doing what you’ve always done is familiar…

That job you keep showing up for because it pays the bills even though you dread clocking in every day…

The relationship that lost its spark and has become more of a roommate situation…

The friendships that you give your all to only to receive little to nothing in return…

The business idea that you keep talking about but not acting on…

The same old clients who drain you of your creative edge and keep requesting payment extensions…

The weekly therapy sessions that barely scratch the surface…

The life you wake up to everyday, going through the motions because that’s just what you do nowadays…

All of that is familiar - comfortable even.

It’s good enough, right?

But the thing about comfort zones, is that while they begin to feel good enough, they never feel EXHILARATING the way it does to take the leap and pursue your passions.

They don’t open your heart to create or draw in the kind of love that still gives you butterflies when you’re 4 kids and endless heaps of laundry deep in life together.

You likely won’t find the soul friendships you signed up for when you were still just a ball of light waiting to begin your journey Earthside.

Or experience anything that cracks you open so that you can release the heaviness that’s holding you back and begin to let the light back in again.

And that business you dream of…well, no one ever creates much from their comfort zones.

The thing about “good enough” is …it ISN’T.

You were never meant for good enough babe - it’s time to stop settling for it.

It’s time to break free from your comfort zone and create the life that lights you all the way up!

The one you can’t freaking wait to wake up to every day.

The one you were always MEANT to be living.

I’m showing you how inside The Manifestation Babe Academy ;)

Enroll in MBA now & claim your ONE TIME savings of $500 now! PLUS when you sign up TODAY you’ll be eligible to be selected to join the next MB Bali Travel Experience!

Doors close TOMORROW - sign up via the 🔗in my bio now! (@manifestationbabe)

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