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Yesenia | Business Coach


Homeschooling Mama in Business! Biz Coach ➡️ Create more ⏰ & 💰simultaneously!

Strategy that doesn't consider the fact that you are a mama, isn't going to get you the long-lasting results you desire.

A mentor who sees motherhood as a limitation and not an asset, is going to advise you to "put motherhood first" instead of helping you see that building your business IS putting your children first!

Everyone is always talking about how being their own boss allows freedom and flexibility but most people abuse that flexibility and don't have the income to back that flex.

If you want income that can change your family's life, then you need to prioritize working in your business. Show up for you business. If your income isn't steady then your commitment isn't steady.

It's true that we mamas value our time, but we need to expend it to create more of it. If you stash the time you currently have instead of investing it wisely, you'll never have more of it.

I have a FREE training just for Mamas! The goal of this training is to teach you how to show up with the same intensity and output as those who aren't mamas so you can create the same or better results without having to work harder and all while honoring your role as mama.

Mamas Do It Different is a training for mamas made by a mama who has unlocked the code to a strategy designed specifically for mamas in business!
If you want access to the training, drop a 🫶🏽 in the comments and I’ll send you the link!

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Mamas, I’ve never been more ready to shake things up!

The online business world is LOUD, it’s opinionated and it’s judgmental!

And for all of those reasons, it took me longer to do something I had already done before - build my business to 6-figures.

That’s why it’s taking you longer too, mama.

Your ambition, your intentions, your desires, your beliefs are constantly being questioned.

We work harder instead of smarter because we fear that our desire for more passive income will be misinterpreted as lazy, or worse, “only in it for the money.”

We convince ourselves that 1:1 work is superior when the reality is it’s just one option of many. Different doesn’t mean less then.

One on one practices (businesses that solely offer 1:1 support) aren’t built to serve mamas in business. They overwhelm us, burn us out and keep us further from our financial goals.

And we are “ok”with that because we’ve convinced ourselves that “we’re here to make an impact, not money.” As if making money is a bad thing!

My goal is to help my clients ditch the 1:1 practices and build profitable businesses.

Businesses that offer 1:1 support IN ADDITION to offers that serve 1:many.

Business that make them lots of money in the shortest amount of time!

Businesses that create not just money, but time, lots of it!

Businesses that leverage their expertise and skills into a diverse product suite that makes them money while they’re sleeping!

Businesses that men are applauded for building, but women are judged for wanting.

That’s the change Mama of Both Worlds is all about creating.

I’m so ready!

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I didn’t become a business coach for moms for the reasons you think.

I’m not a business coach for moms because I have sympathy for them.

I became a business coach for moms because I empathize with them.

There’s a difference.

To sympathize would mean I have feelings of pity, sorrow, concern.

Whereas empathy means I understand, relate and connect with moms on a personal level.

I want to make this distinction because I want you to understand that if you work with me, I’m not going to coddle you.

I’m not going to let you use motherhood as an excuse.

I’m not going to expect less from you because you are a mom.

But the good news is that I won’t expect more than you have to give either.

That’s because I’ve figured out a better way for mamas in business to build profitable businesses!

There is a very LOUD push encouraging moms to become “fully booked” with 1:1 clients.

And when that task proves hard, or at times impossible, these mamas are let off the hook and told to take a step away because “they are mamas first.” And the business they dream of remains just that…a distant dream.

Here’s what they fail to tell you: there’s a way for you to build a business that doesn’t require you to take a step away.

I’m a mama first too, friend. But I use my business as a tool to create more time and more money simultaneously!

The business model I teach my clients to follow is one that is built for mamas by a mama (me) who has found success TWICE when following this model.

I don’t have sympathy for you because I believe that as mamas we were built to endure a heck of a lot more than we give ourselves credit for.

I don’t have sympathy for you because I believe that you have the capabilities to create a BIG and bold, beautiful life for you and your family.

I don’t have sympathy for you because I am you. And if I can do it, you can too!

If you’re wanting to work with someone who won’t let you give up but also won’t require more of you than you have to give. Someone who knows how mamas should build businesses. I am the business coach you want in your corner.

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A lot can change in 15 months!

We took a family trip to Hawaii in September of 2021 to confirm what we knew to be true for the last 10 years - that we belonged there permanently.

Mission accomplished.

But that plan hinged on one thing: My coaching business being able to sustain us without any other income sources as a cushion.

It worked! It’s working!

Here’s how I did it:

1️⃣ I expanded my offer suite. I started offering 1:many offers. This allowed me to serve more people with the time I had. I was able to make more money without having to trade my time for money.

2️⃣ I focused on getting visible. When you’re selling group offers, you need more eyes on your brand so you can get more students/clients in your programs. I started a podcast, I started a new IG that was targeted to my ideal client, and I connected with my followers in the DMs.

3️⃣ I learned the science behind a successful launch and got really good at selling by launching! My first $897 launch became a $3k launch followed by a $16k launch, and most recently, a membership that has already generated over $21k in the first half of this year.

Having a business model that doesn’t trade time for money and allows me to enjoy the life I’ve created has also opened up more time for me to focus on being visible. And being visible has made launching more enjoyable but also more profitable! I can launch strategically because I know exactly who my buyer is.

It’s a trifecta I stand behind!

In just 15 months, I changed my family’s life.

Knowing what I know now, I could do it in less.

Where could you be 6, 12, 15 months from now, if we started working together today?!

Are you a beach or mountain gal? 😉

If not Hawaii, where are you headed to?

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