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Our ✨top tips✨ for introducing kiwi to a baby:

Kiwi is a great first fruit for babies just starting on solids as it’s rich in dietary fibres and has vitamins C and E which can support the immune system. It’s not considered a common allergen, but it may cause some skin or mouth reactions ranging from mild to severe. As with any new food, introduce a small amount first and then you can add in more and more.

Fun fact - the skin is completely edible, as long as it’s been washed properly! But it may be a tricky texture for young babies.

6-9 months old: Offer a whole kiwi with half the skin still on to make it easier to hold. You can halve it, but some babies will stuff the whole thing in their mouth - so just do what suits your baby best. Whatever you do, make sure it’s nice and ripe and soft, squishing easily.

9-12 months old: Chop into large bit-sized pieces, peeled or unpeeled. If it’s too slippery, roll them in some porridge oats or desiccated coconut - or keep serving whole until baby is more confident picking it up.

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Replying to @Thomas its totally counterintuitive but actually bigger foods are safer because they are less likely to get lodged in a babys throat (which is about the diameter of your pinky finger!)

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Our ✨top tips✨ for serving white sweet potatoes to a baby:

The white sweet potato has a slightly more crumbly and dry texture than an orange sweet potato and a slightly less sweet flavour, but it is suitable to be introduced as soon as you start solids - usually around 6 months.

These are dense in carbohydrates and offer good amounts of fibre. They are an excellent source of potassium, a good source of B-vitamins, including B6, and also offer some vitamin C.

They aren’t normally a choking risk if cooked to a very soft consistency before serving. They’re also not a common allergen.

6 to 9 months old: Peel and cook until soft (so a fork goes in easily) then cut it into spears, lightly mash it, or puree it. You can also add in a fat source like butter or oil.

9 to 12 months old: Your baby will start to develop a pincer grasp around this age, so they’ll be able to pick up smaller pieces. Offering smaller pieces help them practice this skill!

🚫 keep in mind that sweet potatoes can contain trace amounts of heavy metals (such as lead and arsenic) from the soil as a result of pollution and contamination of the ground over many years - and even organically grown produce may contain heavy metals. As long as you offer a wide variety of foods, you don’t normally need to worry about this. 

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Replying to @Amandaa Bell you wont doom your child to a life of fussy eating if BLW isnt right for you and your family! Its ok to spoon feed your baby, gang!

✨The best way to encourage confidence around mealtime when spoonfeeding:
- offer lots of variety
- keep challenging baby on texture
- avoid over wiping/cleaning the face and hands - let baby get used to the feeling of real food
- eat alongside your baby

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Replying to @phoebie If the eggs are hens' eggs and they have a red lion stamped on them, or you see a red lion with the words "British Lion Quality" on the box, it's fine for your baby to have them raw - otherwise make sure theyre well cooked ✌️

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Replying to @Grace McGee the short answer is youll know it when you see it - if theyre showing other signs of readiness and theyre about 6 months, you can start and see how they get on. #weaning #blw #introducingsolids #howtoweanyourbaby #weaningbaby
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