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This is the ultimate people's instrument.

Sure, the rise of the guitar, and the decline of traditional
#Hawaiian & #vaudeville music, and the ukulele's waning popularity after #WWII , there was an #ukulele #revival in the 1990s.

One significant factor to its resurgence was the internet. Online forums allowed ukulele enthusiasts to share info, exchange tips, and learn from each other, fostering a global #ukulelecommunity .

I mean, really…the ukulele is the ultimate people's instrument. Its accessibility is unrivaled for the chordal richness it can produce. You'd think such an easy-to-learn instrument would sound unremarkable, but there are no limits to its musical complexity. And…I find it pretty moving how it essentially democratizes music for all.

Even in its simplicity, played on an amateur level, it is no less powerful. The online uke communities evolved into ukefests, ukulele flash mobs, and even political campaigns like #UkesNotNukes . I'm just floored by the sheer power and might of this little friendly instrument.

Thanks for hanging out. Keep strumming and spreading that #ukulelelove .
Which instrument did servicemen play during #WWII ? While the harmonica was popular, compact and easy to carry, we of course are Makai #Ukulele , so we're going to focus on how the ukulele became a cherished companion of #servicemen .

From the European to the Pacific theater, soldiers brought their ukuleles onto the battlefield. The cheerful and uplifting sound brought comfort and #nostalgia , serving as a reminder of home and helping create a sense of normalcy in the midst of the chaos of #war .

Many #soldiers learned to play the ukulele during their service, and it became a common sight to see soldiers strumming away and singing along.

While Australian servicemen, Les O'Connell and Jack Maskiell, were prisoners of war, they whittled coconut shells and pieces of tea chests into an ukulele, receiving much praise from others in the camp. They ultimately started their own ukulele & guitar business after being released from the camp.

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I know you've heard this timeless classic! Beloved with multiple generations, how did Tonight You Belong to Me become a #ukulelesong?? Written by lyricist Billy Rose and composer Lee David in the 1920s, #TonightYouBelongtoMe 's sweet melodies quickly gained popularity, as various artists recorded their own interpretations of the song for decades! But it wasn't until Steve Martin's 1979 film, "The Jerk," that it became an iconic #ukulele song. And ever since, you'll see most covers featuring the ukulele, from #ZooeyDeschanel , to #CatPower & #EddieVedder . Why do you think this heartfelt ukulele song has stood the test of time?
@Steph Strings 🌟 rocking on her Makai LT-80WP!
Sri Apollo & @Scott Hildebrand in the studio, rehearsing a yoga mantra on Makai LT-125K.

#mantra #yoga #calm #makaiukulele
Notable Uke Players: #EddieKamae
was a Hawaiian musician and filmmaker who was known as one of the most important figures in Hawaiian music. He was a founding member of the 1960s band, The Sons of Hawaii, whose music was mixed Hawaiian, jazz, blues, and other genres, redefining Hawaiian music for the new generation. His most popular song "E Ku'u Morning Dew" seamlessly blends traditional and modern elements. Kamae was also a passionate advocate for preserving Hawaiian culture and history, and his legacy continues to inspire musicians and artists around the world. [clips of #JakeShimabukuro from KHON2 News]

#musichistory #funfact #ukulele #ukulelelover #uke
Notable Uke Players: Jake Shimabukuro is a Japanese-American ukulele player who has gained international acclaim for his virtuosic playing style. He has performed with a wide range of musicians and has released several albums of original music and covers. One of the most notable ukulele players today, #JakeShimabukuro has brought the ukulele back into the mainstream to be taken seriously. His cover of #GeorgeHarrison and the Beatles' "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" is played entirely on the ukulele, with incredible skill and creativity. Featuring percussive strumming & lead-guitar-style picking, he creates a dynamic and intricate sound, remaining faithful to the original song and while being uniquely his own. @Jake Shimabukuro

#whilemyguitargentlyweeps #ukulele
Let's take a moment to celebrate the amazing @Scott Hildebrand playing a Makai LT-125K.

Repost: There’s nothing like siting by the water and playing a new song ✨

It’s called “Brave This” and I’ll be releasing is soon.

Played on @makaiukulele
🎥 @lilas.music
#singersongwriter #makaiukulele
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