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Magnus Bakken


Saxophone player from Norway 🎷

Had a few nervous minutes backstage before this performance 😅

I went to blow my nose right before the grand finale (and saxophone solo) with the Norwegian radio orchestra and their musical theatre-evening 😎🎷🎥

But as I look down at the paper tissue I realize that I had also got a nosebleed 😱 I have only a few minutes before it’s saxophone-solo-time on national TV - and I have to make a choice. Paper up my nose, or risk a bloody ending to the show?🩸

I decide to gamble - I tilt my head back and pinch my nose, and as I’m about to go out on stage I ditch the paper and find my seat in the orchestra.

Maybe it was “Jesus Christ” in the song title that saved me, but not a drop of blood came out for the duration of the finale 😮‍💨 As soon as the last note was cut off, my nose started running again, and the paper had to go back in.
Playing the #ewi with Gulli Briem at Herr Nilsen, Oslo. #akaiewi
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