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Magatte Wade


🌍 Mission: 2.5B Prosperous Africans 🇸🇳 CEO @skinisskin ✍🏾 New Book is Out!

Ever wondered why families decide to leave their homes and communities? 🤔

It's a tough question that deserves a moment of reflection.

Imagine sending your children away, hoping for a brighter future, free from the challenges they face at home.

These sacrifices force us to consider the reasons behind such difficult decisions.

Now, let's focus on the root cause. Many Africans leave their countries not by choice but out of necessity, searching for better opportunities. 

The culprit? Any guesses?

Unfavorable business laws hinder economic growth and drive people to seek prosperity elsewhere.

Africa needs business laws that allow families to thrive, businesses to flourish, and prosperity to become a reality. The Cheetah Generation (entrepreneurs and their allies) holds the hope for a brighter future. 

By advocating for policy changes, we aim to create a future where families can thrive, businesses can flourish, and prosperity is a reality for all.

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I’ve worked on this book for the last eight years, and it’s one of the biggest projects I’ve completed.

I have been blown away by the response!

I’m overjoyed to report that my book has made it to the 
#1  and #2  spots on several Amazon bestsellers’ lists: Development and Growth Economics, Economic Policy and Development, and Black and African American Biographies and Memoirs.

Reviewers on social media have called it “a vital read (or listen) for anyone interested in Africa’s future,” “by far my book of the year,” and, “one of the best books I’ve listened to in a while.” Another reviewer said, “Every page is worth it.”

After working on this book for years, it’s incredible to finally see it out in the world—in readers’ hands, spreading on social media, and creating real-life dialogue.

It is my sincere hope that this book can accelerate Africa’s Bright Future. Economic freedom and entrepreneurial capitalism are the pathways that will foster innovation, spur economic growth, and promote human flourishing.

I am SO excited to see this book making its way into more people’s hands, minds, and hearts, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my community—including you! I’m beyond grateful.

I hope you liked this small clip from my audiobook.

Get your copy now at LINK IN BIO!

Together, we can reshape the narrative about African poverty.

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Ever wondered HOW entrepreneurship can transform lives? 🤔

In a world where some have plenty and others have little, it's no surprise that conflicts arise.

But if you strip away the distinctions, you find a universal truth: the desire to provide for our families. Whether you're rich or poor, that's a common thread that binds us all.

It's clear that the imbalance between the haves and the have-nots leads to problems. But let's not get caught up in the labels and divisions.

Instead, let's focus on what unites us: our shared goal of ensuring our loved ones have enough to eat.

This is where entrepreneurship comes into play.

It's a powerful tool that can bridge the gap and help eradicate poverty.

Why? Because everyone, regardless of their current situation, wants to feed their family. Entrepreneurship offers a path to prosperity, enabling individuals to create opportunities for others through job creation which allows people to secure a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

We, the people of the Cheetah Generation, firmly believe that entrepreneurship can be the driving force to eliminate poverty in Africa.

All we need is a conducive business environment that supports and nurtures our entrepreneurial spirit. With the right conditions, we can pave the way for a brighter future and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to provide for their families. So let's unite and work toward a world where no one goes to bed hungry, regardless of their circumstances.

PS: Embark on an entrepreneurial odyssey with The Heart of a Cheetah by Magatte Wade, available now on Amazon. Join the movement to help reshape Africa's future. Get your copy today through the link in bio!📚🌍

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🚨 Let me tell you a secret! 👇🏾

PROSPERITY, the kind that transforms lives and nations, is undeniably born from the fertile soil of economic freedom: entrepreneurial value creation.

And, entrepreneurs can only thrive when they have a favorable business environment: we still pay outrageous tariffs (45% for many goods in Senegal) when we import any input in most of Africa.

Isn't that crazy?

Poverty in Africa will be eliminated not by aid but by entrepreneurial job creation—by entrepreneurs creating scalable enterprises that will ultimately create millions of jobs.

African prosperity will only happen when everyone (including people from the West) invests in our companies, buys our products and services, and sells us their products and services—in other words, works with us as respected business equals.

Don't believe that? Try changing my mind in the comments below.👇🏾 I would love to have a conversation with you because awareness is REALLY important.

I invite you to join me in amplifying this message until it reaches every corner of the globe (you know where the link is :)

Let’s change the way the world sees us.

Let’s encourage investments that will create jobs and push for legislation that will free our entrepreneurs to create instead of tying us down with red tape.

Let’s make the world sit up and take notice of us—not because of how much we rely on their aid but because of how effectively our entrepreneurs can 10x their investments.

Let’s create jobs that will fill the pockets and bank accounts of people across the continent and those who are smart enough to do business with us.

Let’s make Africa the thriving, prosperous place that we all know it’s destined to be.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to my FREE newsletter now at 
#linkinbio  to become a part of our inner circle, where we talk about real and practical solutions paving our way to African prosperity.

PS: The Heart of a Cheetah has officially been unleashed into the world. Dive deeper into the captivating world of entrepreneurship and the unwavering pursuit of solutions for African prosperity. Grab your copy NOW using the #LinkInBio  and join me on this incredible adventure!

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