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Go to madsencycles.com to buy a bucket bike! Delivers to your door ready to ride

Logan is a MADSEN superstar ⭐️ #madsencommunityrocks

“What’s the record for most bicycles carried by another bike? ‘Cause I’ve got nine of them here in my cargo bike!

These scrap bikes were going to end up in a landfill, but thanks to my MADSEN cargo bike I was able to pedal them to the metal recycling yard in Provo. A bike taking bikes to be recycled (perhaps into more bikes) - the ultimate green machine ♻️

And I still had room for ~100 lbs more.” @ltmillsap

#abicyclecandomore #whatabikecando #madsencycles #workhorsebike #cargobike #bikeonbike #bikesonbike #recycle #upcycle #pedalpower
Day *5* adventure of the #madsenmarchchallenge . We tried Jade (age 9 months) in the bucket for the first time. It wasn’t horrible! 😂. She sat with me in the bucket for a while. But ultimately she wanted to run with her sis, Opal (we should have left Opal at home). We’ll get it!! 👍🏼 Our last boxer, Mocha, learned that if she didn’t stay in the bucket, she would be left at home. Soon she always wanted to come, and loved riding with me! I am hoping Jade and Opal will love it too. My bucket is feeling too empty these days! 🚲🐕 🐕

#madsendogbike #bucketbikeadventures #ebike #emadsen #cargobike #madsencycles #abicyclecandomore
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