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Madeleine Chalk


Comedy • “These Lyrics But…” IG: @mad.chalk 💋 💌 madeleinechalk@gmail.com


Welcome to The…

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Bohemian Rhapsody

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These Lyrics But…

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Things Women Never Say

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Replying to @Cayla Quinton Users of the 🚱 emoji please explain #emoji #comedy
#stitch with @Susi
Replying to @Neys The Plot, Explained:

The “fortune teller” is really the head of a hit operation but doesn’t do any of the unaliving herself. Mia is a former employee of hers, but no longer practices. Her son Galileo, however, has recently joined the operation, and the bookstore owner (Dave) was his first intended target. Mia agrees to help him carry out his first kill. The two go Dave’s bookstore to carry out Galileo’s orders.
But, while Mia is flirting with Dave inside the store to trap him, 2 things happen:
1. She genuinely falls for him
2. Galileo accidentally unalives the wrong man
Mia and Galileo flee to bury the body and Dave awaits Mia’s return. (She’d told him that if she didn’t back come to him, to forget about her—because that means that he’s still a target and being around her endangers him).
Galileo and Mia bury the body, and both begin to have second thoughts about their line of work. But the “fortune teller” has already caught wind of Galileo’s mistake and sends someone after him to capture/punish him. When he spots the jeep, he flees.
Meanwhile, the “fortune teller” needs to lure Dave back to Galileo somehow. Since he’s so stuck on Mia, and desperate to find her, and the fortune teller knows Mia will do anything to get to her son, she tells Dave to go to the police station, where Mia is reporting her son missing.
Dave shows up, and tries to convince Mia to “let (Galileo) go” and be with him. Mia knows she can’t—and runs away.
“Will not let you go,” he resolves—and quickly follows her.
Mia gets a text that her son is being held and tortured at the hit operation HQ. She speeds off to rescue him. Dave follows.
Galileo is being tortured for Dave’s whereabouts. But he doesn’t know anything. Mia shows up.
Dave, close behind, bursts in after her—and he and the fortune teller recognize each other.
Mia, frustrated as hell at her bad luck (“Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me”), grabs Dave and shove him in an adjacent room, locks the door, and urges him to escape. He’s too busy being hurt that she keeps running away to understand that if he doesn’t leave out the window ASAP, he’s toast.
Meanwhile, the fortune teller quickly frees Galileo and coerces him to finish the job.
Heartbroken and defeated, he approaches the room where Mia and Dave are, and busts open the door.
Find out how it all ends. #queen #bohemianrhapsody #lyrics
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