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Haaappy people, I'm määcs and I'm a musician from Munich, Germany 🤘🔥🙃🖤!

LOST was released one year ago 🎉! It's one of my most personal songs, because it's like a mirror, that shows me how lost I often feel. I work A LOT 🤯! And in my rare freetime I push myself to write music, to go to the gym and to learn new things. All that in the hope of leading a "better" life in the future. All that without taking care of my physical and mental health. But after a few months of not taking breaks and of not resting enough reality hits me directly in the face. I then realize that I am trapped in a cycle and that I don't have endless power. I realize that I don't have a lot of friends anymore and that I've neglected the few ones left. And in this cruel moment I feel lonely as hell. That ongoing work-eat-sleep-repeat mode makes you think you have no one in your life. It makes you think you are worthless and not a good person. And then I tend to be afraid to ask for help, although I have a wonderful family and close friends who would do anything for me. So, what do I want to tell you? Life is meant to be lived. Work, money and a career are not everything. You need to take care of your soul as well. It wants to experience new things. It wants to break free and to be loved. You are worth everything and you deserve everything you want in life. Although life can be overwhelming and exhausting sometimes, it can also be fulfilling and beautiful. And when you think you don't have the power to move on, then do me a big favor and ask for help! YOU ARE NOT ALONE 🥰❤️! Haaappy People, thank you for your massive support and for listening to my music. It means everything to me. Have a wonderful evening and don't forget to smile, my sweet little munchkins 🖤😘!

📽 @mad.emotion

#lost #areyoualive #selfcare #mentalhealth #askforhelp #thoughts #määcs #maacs #maacsmusic #rock #alternative #alternativerock #acoustic #haaappypeople #dontforgettosmile
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