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Kristina Parro


Study your favorite lyrics and eggs through a literary lens with an author & SLP


Chaos Theory 🦋🌀♾️

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W.B. ✍🏻

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AP English (TV)đź“š

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Dalí 🎨

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Lucky đź“– (& TLGAD)

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Replying to @birdsbooksnbops i think this Taylor Swift outfit (from the night she announced 1989 TV) was an Easter egg for the Karma album!

#karmaalbum #taylorsversion #taylorswifteastereggs
Replying to @Erin Catherine black and blue color scheme = film negatives/duplicates?

Shoutout @JessiSwiftTok & @swiftiesweetheart for thinking theough this with me!

Replying to @Orlando D. Aton Jr why do fan believe that Karma is Taylor’s “lost album,” the album that was originally supposed to be TS6? I think it may have originally been a collaborative album!

Replying to @birdsbooksnbops will Taylor Swift’s “Slut!” be satirical like Blank Space?

#1989taylorsversion #blankspace
Replying to @Julia S my argument that all music is fractal-like (I also include specific examples)
Replying to @Matty what is chaos theory? How does it relate to Taylor Swift? This is part two exploring fractals and strange attractors. We also question how chaos theory might relate to theories like New Romantics, 112 day/ infinity, nice boy ed and the dante theory!

#chaostheory #lyricology #taylorswifttheories
Replying to @Jordan Johnston Breakdown of Chaos Theory: Part 1 (exploring an overview of the theory, Taylor Swift’s references to Chaos Theory, and the idea of “the buttefly effect”)

#lyricology #chaostheory #swifttok #niceboyed
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