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New episode of “High Vibin’ It” with the amazing Kris Carr (I know!) to give @kelseyaida and I the deets of her new book, I’m Not A Mourning Person, all about navigating the heavy stuff; grief, fear, and anxiety.


Chances are, you know Kris. But just in case you don’t, she is a New York Times Bestselling Author, a Wellness Leader, and a Cancer Thriver! (Yes, she has had stage 4 cancer for the last 20 years and is still living her best life!)

In this elevating conversation, we dive into...
• Kris’s journey of thriving with cancer and losing her father
• How to “deal” when shit hits the fan in life
• Healthy examples for channeling fear, anxiety, and grief
• “Life Ruptures” – What are they, why do most of us feel unprepared to face them, and how they can reveal a guide map to our next chapter
• What to say and what NOT to say to yourself when you’re going through it
• And SO much more!

Her story and wisdom will inspire you, empower you, and make you laugh (because she is actually hilarious).

There is even more insight and fun with Kris in our extended video version of this episode (and all episodes) waiting for you as a Patreon member! You can join our Patreon to support the making of this show and get access to all the bonuses and goodies for just a few bucks a month at: patreon.com/highvibe

Go listen and subscribe for more positive healing vibes into your life!

And go grab a copy of I’m Not A Mourning Person anywhere books are sold!
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Do you do this?

While panic and anxiety are generally seen as a hinderance to problem solving, for some people (including me!) they can actually serve a healthy purpose in your process!

Here’s how:
1. **Preparation:** Anxiety can prompt you to prepare for potential challenges in unexpected situations. It can motivate you to plan, gather resources, and take precautionary measures to lower risks, which can be especially useful in uncertain or risky situations.

2. **Problem-Solving:** Anxiety can lead to hyper-vigilance, encouraging you to analyze problems more thoroughly. This can help you identify potential solutions or alternatives you might have overlooked in a calmer state.

3.**Emotion Processing** Feeling panic or anxiety in unexpected situations can sometimes be a way someone has adapted to processing certain emotions due to past experiences. Once the stored energy is vented and released, you can see the situation with more peace and clarity.

While chronic or overwhelming anxiety can be detrimental to mental and physical health, it’s healthy to experience anxiety in moderation as part of our natural stress response. ✨
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judge me I dont care this is hardwired in 😂
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