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Do chia seeds help weight loss? 🧐 . Limited available research seems to be mixed however they MAY provide some modest benefits. . Chia seeds are a healthful fibre rich food! Just don’t expect huge weight loss results from adding them alone 🙃 . Ps just to clarify incase it wasn’t already obvious, there is no shade or “calling out” of this creator. They’re simply sharing something they felt helped them. . I just wanted to use it as an opportunity to discuss some of the research and how this may apply to people generally, as I see them touted as some fat loss miracle a lot on social media 👊🏼 . . #chiaseeds #chiaseedsbenefits #nutritionist #nutrition #weightloss #fatloss #lukehannanutrition  created by Luke Hanna | PT & Nutritionist with Luke Hanna | PT & Nutritionist's original sound
Replying to @Ja de again, an incredibly simplified summary. But quite a few people wanted the weight gain version.. so here you go 😂
How much more? 👉🏼 200-300 calories above maintenance is fine for the majority.
How much protein? 👉🏼 around 1.6g per kg of bodyweight is fine for the majority.
And I use the term “definitely” loosely here 😂
#howtogainweight #howtogainmuscle #nutritionist #personaltrainer #lukehannanutrition
❗️READ❗️Yes - this is an incredibly oversimplified explanation! However, people seemed to appreciate that in @RyanRenpt ‘s original video so I thought I’d also share the message 👊🏼
And yes recomp (building muscle & losing fat at the same time) is possible but difficult unless you’re a newbie. If you want more detail on this watch video 1205 on my feed.
At a minimum this would help you MAINTAIN as much muscle as possible in a deficit.
#nutrition #nutritionist #lukehannanutrition #personaltrainer #howtolosefat #weightloss
Replying to @Boots honestly if you’re this ignorant you should just keep quiet 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 #nutritionist #healthfacts #nutritionfacts #nutritiontips #lukehannanutrition #personaltrainer
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