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Luke Beling


Songs and Stories. lukebeling.com

When the sea pounds against a shore of stones, it can often sound like the stones begin to sing. Sometimes a wave will dislodge a stone and drag it to the ocean floor. But eventually, that stone resurfaces, carried by deep currents, back to the bed, shining again underneath the fiery sun.

Reflecting on this, I wrote A Stone in the Mouth of the Ocean as a sort-of stream-of-consciousness declaration to myself. Sharing the same name as the album title, the song is a meaningful preface and encapsulation for the body of work to come.

From time to time, we all thrash against feelings of insignificance, and often life's constant pushing and pulling seems unbearable, impossible to make sense of. Sometimes the hardest thing is to just be. To remain unreactive, moving or not, with blind trust and hope.

Like a stone. Like a stone in the mouth of the ocean.

I'm deeply grateful to Tyler Fortier, the man who put the magic on this track (and all the songs on the album) and handled what I gave him with care and his very best.

Also, a big thanks to Nate Barnes for his masterful drum work, Erin Flood Fortier for her beautiful harmonies, and my long-lost pal, Glen Yoder, for doing what he does best on the electric guitar.

I hope you find something in this song, especially when life's waves come beating on your shores.

Listen here: https://sng.to/lukebeling.

Released August 4, 2023
Produced and mixed by Tyler Fortier @ little orange room.

Luke Beling: vocal, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica
Nate Barnes: drums
Erin Flood Fortier: vocals
Glen Yoder: electric guitars
Tyler Fortier: vocals, organ, keys, piano, bass
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