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BEAUTY PHOTOGRAPHER ✨ Glowing Skin + Pretty Things www.lucyalcorn.com

A better way to stop your products rolling around with @blutack ! On set shooting @MECCA for @InStyle Australia 🧡

Almost everyone will naturally place a big blob of blutack down first and then squish the product over it, and for a top down shot like this, this could create a light glare issue with the product not sitting flat, or simply be annoying to try and get it to sit where you had wanted it to. For a front-on shot, the camera will easily see the blutack underneath - meaning extra unnecessary retouching, and the product won’t be sitting level. The best way to use it is by placing your product as you want it to sit, and then wedging a small dot of BluTack in the gap next to it (or behind it where the camera can’t see) to hold it steady.

Simple and extremely effective!

#productphotography #productphotographer #beautyphotography #beautyphotographer #photographytips #studiophotography #studiolighting #studiolightingtips #mecca #meccaathletica #instyle #bts #blutack
Hello! I’m back again to solve your ugly reflection nightmares, while shooting @REN Clean Skincare for @InStyle

⚡️ This issue happens all the time with beauty product tubes that taper down to a low point. By lifting the product up so it sits on a flat plane or higher, you can avoid that nasty-ass light flare

⚡️ this also works if the glare is more side-directional, simply add a touch more height to the left or right side until you get it right

⚡️make sure you hide your lift point within the natural shadow. For this image 3/4 up the tube is about right (you can actually see it’s about 1mm out while I was recording - ooops !)

⚡️blutack is your best friend when it comes to product photography! I love you blutack , never change 😘

#productphotography #productphotographer #beautyphotography #beautyphotographer #photographytips #studiophotography #studiolighting #studiolightingtips #ren #rencleanskincare #instyle #bts #blutack
It’s giving golden hour romance
It’s giving good enough to eat
It’s giving …

Enjoy this dreamy content I whipped up earlier in the year for @L’Occitane , plus some fun photography ideas for you to try:

💛 cutting out light with a small board to create interesting shadows

💛 shooting through plastic for a layered effect (they weren’t my favourite in the end but it was great to experiment with it)

💛 backlighting with yellow and orange gels for a lush golden glow

#loccitane #goldenhour #productphotography #productphotographer #beautyphotography #beautyphotographer #photographytips #studiophotography #studiolighting #studiolightingtips #bts
Come behind the scenes with me and learn how to get crispy shadows and no ugly reflections, while I shoot Chanel for @InStyle Australia !

⚡️ use plenty of white polyboards, reflectors and diffusion to avoid messy reflections in metallic surfaces (especially if you have a high ceiling like ours which is impossible to light up bright enough)

⚡️ position your key light on a juicy 45* angle towards your product, and use a large softbox from the top for fill

⚡️pop your camera on a c-stand to get the perfect direct shot. I like to lean a piece of light foam board straight on to the lens, which removes all of the reflections on the right side of the metal detail. If you look closely you can see the lens reflected back in the centre behind the logo!

Add this all together for striking shots with minimal retouching required!

Let me know if you have any questions! Should I film more of these?

#productphotography #productphotographer #beautyphotography #beautyphotographer #photographytips #studiophotography #studiolighting #studiolightingtips #chanel #cocochanel #hairperfume #instyle #bts
Ever shot with a deaf model? Neither had I before working with @christinebalaguer and oh my gosh it was so much fun! I really want to encourage my fellow photographers and casting directors not to be afraid to work with deaf models - as communication is so much more diverse than just sound. We chatted away as easily as I am writing this caption now, sharing our phone screens and giggling away. I got to learn some sign language and even sign emojis (🤟 is my fave), and as we were shooting I used the directing technique you’ll always find me doing on any shoot - mirroring my model to show exactly where the light will be hitting best! Simply add a little bit of of @anabelle.ussher and you have one flawless shoot 😍♥️🤟 #beautyphotography #beautyphotographer #photography #deaf #deafmodel
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