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Specialist Podiatry Clinic, Lisburn Road, Belfast Heel pain expert, sports med

#sauconyendorphinspeed3 were designed with a nylon plate instead of the now normal carbon plate found in a lot of high end running shoes. The nylon is much more flexible, but you still feel the recoil effect. This is suited for slower runners like myself. There is a much higher stack hight and heel to toe drop (8mm) than what i am used to. Since getting back to running after years of weights my calfs have been feeling it. Hopefully with these it will make things a little easier 🥵 #stravawontlie #ShoesReview #RunningShoes #belfast #podiatrist #podiatristlife #belfastrunning
We ❤️ our new biomechanics room! I have been using the @ gaitandmotionclinics 1M force plate for a while now and its an amazing piece of kit! We use it with our Run3D system to give data that isn’t available in a normal assessm ent! #3dgaitan alysis #gaitan alysis #b iomechanic s #belfast #pod iatry #ult ramarathon #heelpa in #plantar fasciitis #ortho tics #spo rtsmedicine #ireland #lisburnroadbelfast
#3dgaitanalysis carried out this morning. Right medial ankle pain, #ultramarathon athelete. We found; Weak hip adductors, with poor internal hip rotation motion, therefore his right external hip rotation was much more dominant. This caused a huge inverted heel strike with excessive eversion excursion. This overloaded his Posterior Tibial Tendon, causing pain. He’s determined to run 100 mile ultra at the end of may. Lets see how he get on with his rehab plan 🤞🏻
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