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Love Love Tennis


Tennis Obsessed Designer + CEO of Beverly Hills Boutique ♥️♥️🎾 Love Love Tennis

#madeinusa #luxurytennis #beverlyhills

One of a kind shop with tennis apparel for men and women sold ONLY by LOVE LOVE Tennis Beverly Hills Boutique 9627 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 www.LoveLoveTennis.com

#lovelovetennis #unique #fashion #90210 #goldentriangle
Last day of the tournament in #mazatlan #🌵 #🌴

Gabriella has been an excellent tournament director - keeping the order and etiquette, solving player problems and keeping it classy. This tournament was of optimum #sportsmanship and #love

I’m proud of my 🎾 “Sister” for this beautiful event. Benefiting animals in need, and the health and wellbeing of the tournament players.

An enormous “thank you” to Gabi for hosting me in the Penthouse Suite, taking me for the most special meals and tourist attractions, as well as the coaches and clubs that contributed to this magical event.

Better living through #tennistribe

My utmost appreciation for this sport that bonds people from around the world in health, happiness and #chosenfamily

#lovelovetennis #♥️♥️🎾

Life is Tennis and Tennis is Life.
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