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Mahdi & Lanaiza


✉️ manaizatravel@gmail.com 📍Houston, TX




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A week before our last trip, we had done the NIPT test to determine if baby would have any genetic issues. We knew that we could also find out the gender of baby based on this test, and were so excited to find out - but weren’t expecting to get the results back WHILE we were on vacation 😩

We never planned to do a gender reveal. In fact, we debated whether or not we would tell anyone the gender at all. The plan was, the doctor was gonna send me the results, and then I would do an intimate little gender reveal for Mahdi and we would be the only 2 that knew. But that all went out the window when I opened those test results and saw “ITS A BOY!” 😭💙

Firstly, because I just KNEW our baby was a girl even though the moment I told Mahdi we were pregnant, he said “we’re having a boy!” with so much surety.

But secondly because, when I opened the results, I had a public meltdown. I mean I was ugly crying in middle of the resort because not only was our baby so healthy, but I knew HE was so loved and so wanted. It was so emotional for me, even if he wasn’t a she 🙄 so because there was NO way I could keep the secret until we got home, I asked our butler at the resort to help me with a quick little reveal to share the news with Mahdi. I walked this man all over the property stalling so the butler could set something up in our room in secrecy. And Mahdi is nosey so it’s very rare that I can surprise him 😂 but this was his genuine reaction when we got back to the room🥹

Baby is a boy!!!! 💙 drop some of your fav boy names in the comments 🥹
#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #genderreveal #firsttimemom
Talk about a roller coaster of emotions 😩

From receiving my first ever positive pregnancy test(s), being in extreme denial because my doctors would always tell me it would be near impossible to get pregnant, to going to the doctor to get confirmation and being told there’s no baby, to flying across the world to the Philippines and feeling like 💩 the ENTIRE time but convinced it couldn’t be due to pregnancy, and then returning to the doctor at home to see your cute little hands and feet throwing a fit as if we were disturbing your slumber. This journey the last few months have been ALOT. Both mentally & physically 😭

I was in denial, but deep down I knew. Mommy knew all along that you were in there. That for some reason God decided that THIS was the time that we needed you. I could feel your presence and I was right!!! & through it all, your daddy has been THE most amazing partner I could ask for. Holding my hand at EVERY doctor’s appointment. Asking more questions to the doctor than me. 😂 Treating me like an absolute QUEEN and making sure we are both good at all times. You’re already so loved and so lucky to have such an amazing daddy. 🥹

We are so beyond excited for this next chapter of our lives together and can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy who, coincidentally, is due 11/11 - the time mommy would secretly wish for you every now and then 🙏🏾


#fyp #foryou #firsttimemom #pcos #pregnancy
#ad Nothing like enjoying the sun shine with my sunshine, thanks to @CoppertoneUSA. ☀️

Ever since I traded in a million products for Coppertone Complete, life outside has been a lot more….SIMPLE!! Not only is it a super lightweight sun screen, but it blends so perfectly - even on our skin tones! And it leaves the skin feeling so soft and moisturized all day so we actually look forward to reapplying it!!

Being protected has never looked or felt this good! 🙌🏾

#Coppertone #ItsGreatOutdoors #sunscreen #visitphilippines #travelcouple
#CapCut @netflix done fell asleep on us like Tiffany did Brett in the pods 🥲 #fyp #foryou #trending #loveisblind
So we’re on our #SponsoredByAAA crowdsourced road trip and our 2nd stop of the trip was Washington D.C.! Not gonna lie, I actually had so much fun exploring the National Mall….but i had a full fledged attitude at the end when I realized there was no shopping being done 🤣

Have you been to DC before?? Better yet, do you know why the National Mall is called a mall? 🤔
#washingtondc #washingtonexplored #traveltiktok #nationalmalldc
Y’all know travel is our love language 🥰 but we haven’t really explored the open road that much togetherper say. #SponsoredByAAA That’s why we were SO stoked to receive this package of travel goodies + mysterious letter from @aaacluballiance inviting us on an all expenses paid road trip. 😱🚘🗺️

We should have known there would be a catch though 😅 The catch is that YOU get to choose where we go, everything we do….even what we wear!!!

For the first stop on our road trip, we will be being interviewed on LIVE television and you get to choose whether we wear a suit & gown, all denim, or a dinosaur onesie. Head to our IG stories and vote for an outfit now and make sure you tune in for the adventure ahead!!!!

P.S. if you love us, don’t choose the dino onesie 🫶🏾🫶🏾
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