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LostRavenChroniclesPersonal Blog


Bringing traditional values and skills of self reliance to a modern world.

In a rapidly changing world, primitive skills are more vital than ever. From fire-making to foraging, these timeless techniques hold the key to survival. Don't wait until it's too late to learn these 50 essential skills!

In the coming weeks I’ll be diving deeper into each of these topics the world gets a little crazier every day. It’s to the point that a lot of this stuff would have been 110% unimaginable ten years ago. But it’s just slowly creeping in on our way of life. Once we get used to one anomaly they slowly start Toni traduce something else we would have never stood for a few years back. After a few weeks or months of hearing about that latest crazy thing we get numb to it. That’s when they start with the next thing. For example. Have you heard anything recently about the fires in Canada? Cus they are still burning. Even though this years fires have shattered records and are burning hundreds of thousands of acres, we are already numb to it. That stuff is old news to us!

It’s for these reasons that I feel the need to dive deeper into this stuff. Even if y’all retain just a small part of the information that I put out there your going to be better off for it in the long run!

So now I want you to do a few things.

1. Save this post so you can check back and see what things you’ve accomplished and what things need work.

2. Go to the website and check out this weeks article for a little more in depth description of each of the things on this list.

3. Check in on this page and the webpage frequently in the next few weeks as I cover each of these topics deeper!

4. Use the hashtag
#primitiveskills to connect with like-minded enthusiasts, share your progress, and inspire others to embrace this ancient wisdom.

1. #AncientWisdom
2. #BackToBasics
3. #SurvivalTraining
4. #Preparedness
5. #NatureSkills
6. #SelfReliance
7. #PrimitiveLiving
8. #Survivalist
9. #AdaptAndThrive
10. #MasterTheWild
11. #PrimitiveSurvival
14. #TimelessWisdom
13. #LearnOrPerish
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