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Chris B


🎲 game writer 🎤 shouter in DEADTHRONE Manchester https://linktr.ee/loottheroom



I put together a little cover reveal for the first adventure for A Dungeon Game, my #osr #ttrpg dungeon crawler! It'll be available in June in print and digital. Head to bit.ly/mossmother to learn more. #beggartok #dungeonsanddragons  created by Chris B with Chris B's original sound
Replying to @jodies_new_lifestyle92 mainly she's noticed the difference in my mood since #adhdmedication
Replying to @heartzformizuki longer answer here. Learning the basics is easy and then it's all about practice and consistency. Hope this helps! #screaming #metalvocalist
#stitch with @Alonso Loya disasterpiece though
Replying to @melraiders I've tried one other #adhdmedication and it didn't really work for me #adhdtiktok #adultadhd
#stitch with @Alina-Gene it seems really weird and dangerous to pathologize good communication #adhdtiktok #autismoftiktok
another update in my little series for adults pursuing an #adhd diagnosis in the UK. today is the last day of my first week on meds and overall it's gone really well. this morning I'm submitting my vitals (weight and blood pressure) and upping my dose to 30mg Elvanse. #adultadhd #adhddiagnosis #adhdmedication
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