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Kootenay Acres Farm Sanctuary


Kootenay Acres Farm Sanctuary Rescues, Re-homes, & Special Needs Farm Animals. ❤



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Stiorra Day 139

She is stronger than ever. Running, leaping, playing. Earning her ranking as the top lamb, and trying to establish herself among the adult sheep and goats. Independent. Fierce. This attitude is what helped her to her her legs under her. Kept her progressing beyond her expectations. I keep saying it, she never quit. Not once.

This month Stiorra will be embarking on a fat graft and skin closure surgery to repair her spina bifida pocket. This is not a routine or documented surgery, but a reasonable procedure to drastically reduce the risk of spinal meningitis which would possibly be fatal.

The surgery comes with risks. First is general anesthesia. This is our biggest fear. Next is risk of infection, paresis, nerve damage or hind end paralysis. But, if successful the surgery will drastically reduce the risk of external infection entering the body.

All our amazing veterinarians are in agreement. The risk of surgery outweighs the risk of not doing surgery.

So we proceed.

We are nervous but hopeful. Stiorra has proven every damn day that she deserves to be here. She owns her presence and her space. I know she will fight to stay here with us. I know the veterinarian who will be performing this surgery will do absolutely everything to see that through.

I am putting my trust into the Universe to see this through. Let Stiorra be healthy, brave and as strong as she has been until this day. Let her continue to be this on the day of her surgery and every day thereafter she heals. Then let her flourish and grow into the beautiful ewe that she deserves living out the rest of her long life here at the Sanctuary.

I trust you.

✨Please set your intention to Stiorra and protecting her with love and light now and in the weeks ahead. ✨

For those who have donated, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are the reason we are able to see this next step through. We are still a ways off our goal, but trust that this message will be found by the right people who have means to help. Any amount is greatly appreciated. See our linktree in bio. ✨

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