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find me in the snack aisle 💅🏽

i haven’t been posting anything personal since this unfathomable situation continued to unfold. and i have been very confused about whether to make this post about my new music. im riddled with grief. anxiety too. but i have also always believed that music has special healing powers. it is a way to escape, to decompress and it is in service to the community of people who connect to it. i hope that my new song - self to blame featuring the wonderful @Kayla Blackmon  brings you some much needed comfort and healing. i also want to use this time to announce that this is in fact the single from my debut album ‘mother’. @bigever  and i have put our hearts and souls into creating this in the hopes of connecting you all through our music. i will continue to scream and shout about the injustice that is being inflicted upon the people of palestine, all the while continuing to give you the music from the depths of our hearts. please take care of yourselves x
yeaterday was world mental health day (october is awareness month).

every year i write a little post about where i’m at, how i’m feeling, what’s going on, in the hope of reaching some of you who want to hear about the truth of mental illness.

on this day, i can proudly say i have ‘recovered’ from my illness (schizophrenia). i was on 800mg of medication every day for over a decade, and now i’m weaning off it (down to 200mg daily, soon to be zero).

there are a few things that got me to this point in my recovery. knowing i need a good nights sleep, a healthy diet, zero drugs, minimal alcohol, quitting smoking (yes this impacts mental health), therapy (a massive privilege), supportive friends/family/community, knowing my limits, setting boundaries.. the list goes on. it’s no easy feat!

but the main shift for me has come from the realisation that i am not in danger. this feeling of safety is new for me, despite being “safe from harm” for many years. i never had trust in myself, or the world, which caused this fight or flight response within me. a kind of survival mode. i am so grateful for this gift of safety.

happy mental health day to all those who have been affected by it! i’m gonna guess that’s just about everyone. take the time, if you have it, to reflect on your recovery journey and see how far you’ve come. if you’re in the midst of the chaos, i see you. you will pull through. i have survived 100% of my toughest days, and so can you!

#mentalhealthawareness #therapy
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