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Karl • Fitness Coach for Dads


Online Fitness Coach for Dads Transforming Dadbods, 1 Dad at a Time 👯Dad of 4👦



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“Got back pain? Think twice before you avoid all back movements! 🤔  😫We often think complete rest and avoiding movement is the solution to our pain. In my experience, most times the opposite holds true. Movement is medicine.  Here’s a counterintuitive fix: Seated Good Mornings. ✅ Strengthen your backside ✅ Improve your posture  ✅ Master the art of ‘hip-hinging’ ✅ Unlock hip and glute freedom & mobility ✅ Say goodbye to back pain for good! Curious? Watch the video to see this game-changing exercise. 🔥Follow @livfitkarl for tips that break the mold. What’s your back pain story? Ever tried Seated Good Mornings? Let’s talk! 👇 #lowbackpain #lowbackpainrelief #lowbackpainexercises #seatedgoodmorning #seatedgoodmornings #fitdads #fitover40 #functionaltraining  created by Karl • Fitness Coach for Dads with hemissme’s original sound
👨‍🍳 Hey fellow dads, ever find yourself stuck in the daily grind, with no energy left to cook a nutritious meal for your family at the end of a long day? I’ve been there, and I’ve got your solution!

💪 Transform your
#Dadbod into a #FitDad body, one meal prep at a time!

🍲 Follow my quick and easy meal prep routine, perfected for busy dads looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing precious family time. Not only do I cook a wholesome dinner for myself and my wife, but I also ensure leftovers for the next day — all pre-weighed and packed for convenience.

🔄 Alternate between varieties, keep those taste buds excited, and ensure a nutritious meal is always on hand. Got a busy week ahead? No worries, use Sundays to get a head start!

🎉 Say goodbye to last-minute unhealthy choices and hello to a healthier, happier you — energized and ready to enjoy quality time with your little ones!

🙌Busy dads, transform your dadbods one healthy meal at a time. Join the meal prep revolution and be the fit dad you’ve always wanted to be!

#busydads #fitdadlife #healthyfamily #mealprepmagic #mealpreptips
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