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Teaching embroidery to beginners through stitch alongs, tutorials and DIY kits!


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I promise I didn’t forget about you all here! it’s not a bad problem when you have too many orders to post on social media ✨ Stitch samplers are ready to ship this week! #stitchsampler #learnembroidery #embroiderytutorials created by Samantha with Samantha’s original sound
Replying to @Amy Aurelia It’s me! I’ve got a starter kit that will teach you all the stitches in one place PLUS it comes with extra supplies to start your very first floral design or anything you want to practice 💕

You can find them in my link!

#learnembroidery #embroidery #stitchtutorials #embroiderystitches #stitchsamplerkit #embroiderytutorial #modernembroidery #frenchknot #floralembroidery #modernembroiderymovement #embroiderycraft
Ever wondered where to use an embroidery stitch once you’ve learned it.. 🪡

Well first, save this post so you can come back to it 😉

When I designed these Stitch Sampler Kits one of the main components I wanted was a way to actually apply the knowledge you learn so kits include a practice template to use these stitches and techniques in a design after learning them.

The full kit and ultimate kit even include the extra supplies to get started right away! (Link in bio to grab yours)

Now, here are a few ways to use a colonial knot…

1. I use them in lots of florals, the middle of a flower, the berries on a tree, lavender, baby breath, so many options..

2. Filling in a space with texture… think clouds, snowman, grass maybe.. it’s endless depending on the look you are going for

3. Anywhere you need a dot ⚪️… just a small dot anywhere whether it confetti or snowflakes or little accents, they make great little dots..

4. And the most simple answer, basically replacing where you would use any French knot.. French knots can be tricky, so can the colonial knot but I do find the figure 8 twist on a colonial knot does keep its tension a bit better 🤷🏽‍♀️

If you want to learn and practice all the stitches in my Stitch Sampler…. they are on my site, you can find it in my bio! 💕

With multiple kit options from mini kits to the embroidery supply box, you can find what works best for you to get started with 25 embroidery stitches, all the beginner fundamentals including step by step tutorials on transferring patterns, backing your hoop, threading your needle, finishing a section, where to purchase your own supplies…. It’s ALLLLL in there 💕

#stitchsamplerkit #learnembroidery #embroiderytutorial #beginnerembroidery #colonialknot #frenchknot #stitchtutorial #modernembroidery #floralembroidery #modernembroiderymovement #embroideryartist
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