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Dietitian ✨helping you build a peaceful relationship with food and your body





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Trying to lower your blood sugar but dont know how? Eating a combo of carb, protein, fat, and fiber at meals can help prevent your sugars from spiking and dropping too quickly. Pairing foods from these 4 categories can also help make meals more satisfying. If you struggle with meal planning like me, its okay to pull things out of the fridge and throw something together. It doesnt have to be fancy to benefit your health #foodfreedom #bloodsugarmanagement #pcosmealideas #adhdmealprep #prediabetes #diabetes  created by Erica, MS, RDN with Erica, MS, RDN's original sound
Replying to @cb_the_warrior_3025 eating foods you love without the “i need to start over mindset” can help you eat to comfortable fullness and satisfaction #intuitiveeating #b1ngeeatingrecovery #nervoussystemregulation #overeatingtips
Replying to @alilbettereveryday it’s possible to manage blood sugar levels without giving up the foods you love! It’s not just what you eat but how you eat. Pairing carbs with protein, fat, and fiber can help prevent a spike in blood sugar. Stress also has a big impact on blood sugar, so if you’re worried about what to eat that can also affect numbers. Developing a positive relationship with food, managing stress, joyful movement, and balancing meals can all help lower A1C ✨#prediabetes #pcos #bloodsugarmanagement #intuitiveeating #nondiet #greenscreen
Replying to @jennyguer17 managing insulin resistance usually requires a multipronged approach. What you eat is important but also how you eat, your relationship with food, stress levels, relationship with exercise, and sleep. Managing IR can help keep blood sugar levels controlled, take stress off the pancreas, and balance hormones for more energy and fewer cravings 🙌🏻#insulinresistance #pcoscravings #pcoswarrior #intuitiveeating #nondietapproach #foodfreedom #pcossupplements #bingerecovery #sugarcravingsgone
Replying to @jennyguer17 sugar cravings are so common with PCOS, you’re not alone! The good news is you can control sugar cravings without giving up any of your favorite foods. All foods can fit with PCOS! The key is to 1) balance meals with carbs, protein, fat, and fiber and 2) focus on what you can add to balance hormones rather than what to restrict. Focusing on restriction will make cravings worse and often triggers the b1nge restrict cycle. #pcoscravings #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #carbcravings #pcoswarrior #foodfreedomjourney #bingerecovery
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