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Lincoln Park Zoo


For Wildlife. For All.

Replying to @kaylanatoli Pesho, Sidai, & Lomelok made their big debut today! #forwildlifeforall #LionWatch
Replying to @kaylanatoli African lion mom Zari will let us know when she's ready to introduce her cubs to the rest of the pride and the public. Until then, enjoy this behind-the-scenes clip of her growing cubs during playtime!

#LionWatch #BabyAnimals #lions #LionCubs #zoo #NotAPet
Replying to @notchaboofoo “Lactation is a high-energy demand on any nursing mother," says Lincoln Park Zoo Nutrition Center manager Siga, "So Zari’s diet has slowly been increasing to ensure she has plenty of energy for the three cubs." The Nutrition Center at Lincoln Park Zoo has a full-time staff dedicated to meeting the unique nutritional needs of hundreds of animals. @lincolnparkzoo
#LionWatch #NewMom #BabyAnimals #ZooTok #Animals #Lions #NotAPet #Zoo #Chicago #Nursing
It’s time for #LionWatch . Hormone analysis from the non invasive collection of fecal samples shows Zari is pregnant & expected to give birth in January. Stay tuned for more updates!
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