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Coding, electronics & game making for kids! https://linktr.ee/LittleRobotFriends

WOAH ⁉️ 1 Day until #LittleRobotFriends Summer Camp ? Our final tip for a successful summer camp experience is...Pack your imagination! 🌈Very few spots remaining! Reservation link in our bio ‼️
WOAH! 2 Days until #LittleRobotFriends Summer Camp We are committed to keep everyone safe and healthy! 💪That means masks, hand-washing, air purification and more!Very few spots remaining! reservation link in our bio ‼️
Only 3 Days until #LittleRobotFriends Summer Camp❓❓We are back with another tip for a successful #LRF S ummer Camp experience ☀️We are going to spend a lot of time outside and the sun can be unforgiving! 🔥Pack your sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, or bug spray to protect yourself!Very few spots remaining‼️ Reservation link in our bio!
4 Days until #LittleRobotFriends Summer Camp ❓Here is another tip for a successful #LRF Summer Camp experience ☀️You can bring your own laptop but don't forget to download & install all the necessary programs on our website! Website link in our bio ‼️Very few spots remaining! Reserve your spot from the link in our bio‼️
Only 5 days until #LittleRobotFriends Summer Camp❗❗Here is a tip for our upcoming campers for a successful #LRF Summer Camp experience ☀️: Bring your own lunch & snack but make sure that they are peanut free! Try to eliminate wrappers so we can help the Earth 🌍 ❤️ONLY A FEW SEATS REMAINING! RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW‼️Link in our bio!
Do you remember going to the arcade? 🕹️ We are making our own video games AND arcade cabinets at #LittleRobotFriends Games & Animation Camp! Only a few spots remaining! Make a reservation before it's too late ‼️Link in our bio!
Are you ready to print your imagination? Find out at #LittleRobotFriends . Only a few seats remaining! Reserve your spot via the link in our bio!
Does your kid like video games? 🎮 It is time to make their ideas a reality!Join this year's #LittleRobotFriends in-person Summer Camp and let's make video games together!ONLY A FEW SPOTS REMAINING. Reservation link in our bio!
#LRFSummerCamp 2022 is right around the corner ☀️Got any questions about our camp? We got you covered!Grab your Parent Guide & reserve your spot from the link in our bio now!#lrf #Li ttleRobotFriends #To rontoSummerCamp #ro botsontiktok #ci rcuits #pa rentsontiktok
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