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Buff Babe 💪🏻 Nature Nymph 🍃 Always groovin’ 💃🏻 Instagram.com/lil_jenners

A blue heron, and a rainbow. I love sharing magic moments with you 🌈✨ #fyp #magicmoment #blueheron #rainbow created by Jenners with Jenners’s original sound
#tiktokvsreality This is why we say no to geotagging 😜 Don’t get me wrong, I had a WONDERFUL time soaking, and I did get to enjoy the springs before it turned into a Vegas Pool party, but remember, most of the stuff you see on social media isn’t sharing the entire truth. #tagresponsibly
I think the #1 question is get asked is “what’s your ab routine?” Truth is, I never do abs. I probably should? Compound movements like squats and deadlifts give me all the ab work I need. #girlswithmuscle #womenwithmuscle #fittok #fyp
Replying to @BDF 4 Life I am currently a full time content creator and photographer. Would love to connect with other creators!
Replying to @tysonbair6359 aint no reason to not do it in a thong? Its summer. Im a nudist. Id rather be nude; but hey, it’s 2023, lets keep shaming women for having a body.
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