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⭕️Thieves of Muscular Tension Pt. 1⭕️
When it comes to body recomposition (fat loss or hypertrophy) we are strong advocates of using focused and deliberate tension (or ‘TUT’) as one of the BEST tools to accomplish this. It’s crucial to avoid these ‘thieves’ of muscular tension in order to reach your goals:
**Quick disclainer: there is certainly a time and a place for faster reps and explosive movements, but today we are speaking of the best tools we use for body composition changes in particular**
#1 : Having no eccentric control during a movement. Ex. dropping a BB from the top of a deadlift

Thief #2 : Bouncing in the bottom of reps. Ex. Bouncing the bar on your chest at the bottom of a bench press

Thief #3 : Rushing through the concentric (lifting) portion. Ex. Rushing the concentric during bent over rows

Thief #4 : Using momentum (body English) to complete reps. Ex. Swinging your body in order to bring up the BB during a bicep curl

Thief #5 : Fatigue - speeding up the reps, using partial reps, and/or pausing intra-set. Ex. Speeding up pendulum squat reps, only using partial ROM, and/or resing in between reps
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