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We provide caring, personalized services for birthparents & adoptive families.

"We had originally agreed to an open adoption with the boys’ birthmother; however, after discussing what an open adoption entails, we found out their birthmother was looking for more control than what is typical. She had placed for adoption in the past and hadn’t been happy with how it went, so she was looking for something different this time. After working through the terms of an open adoption and what was comfortable for everyone, she ultimately chose to close the adoption. While it was tough for us to hear, we reassured her we were always here for her in the future if she wanted contact with us.

While we have a closed adoption with their birthmother, we have agreed to an open adoption with their birthfather. The placement was really difficult for him, and for a moment, we thought he might try to parent the boys. He ultimately signed, and it brought us so much peace and comfort. We have met with their birthfather in person already and spent the day at the zoo together. It was so special to watch him spend time with Brennan and Bennett, and we know it meant a lot to him as well."

Read Ryan & Brian's adoption story by clicking the link in our bio! 💖
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