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Taylor Sohns


🎥The CNBC of Tok 🧠Wall Street Vet 📚Certified- CFP® 👨‍💼CEO LifeGoal Advisors

The LifeGoal Team has officially launched the LifeGoal Financial Planning & Investment Advisory Firm. We’re excited to help you get financially organized, create a plan, and set up a customized investment portfolio to meet your specific needs. LifeGoal is able to work with individuals, families, businesses, and endowments/foundations. We’re genuinely excited to help people optimize their investment portfolio given their personalized goals. Thank you for the support and feel free to share with others that this may help. 🙏 #financialplanning #personalfinance #investing #investment #investingforbeginners #wallstreet #nyse #cfp #finance #financialgoals #retirement #retirementplanning #retirementaccounts #lifegoalnation #lifegoalinvestments  created by Taylor Sohns with Taylor Sohns’s original sound
One of the most common things I hear these days, “Taylor, I’m good getting 5% in a money market.” 🤦🏼‍♂️

Okay, but are you good actually getting sub 3% in a money market!?

Death & TAXES…

The 2 inevitables in life…

Taxes are often overlooked by investors (even by many “professional investors”, unfortunately).

People talk about RETURNS all the time- but they never talk about AFTER TAX RETURNS.

Here’s how taxes work on Money Markets, CDs, and High Yield Savings Accounts:

The income generated by each of these are subject to your FEDERAL INCOME TAX RATE.

Beyond that, each state has their own tax system on investments- so make sure you’re aware of your states additional tax.

(The exception to this- municipal money market fund, which is not subject to federal tax… but you guessed it, the yields are much lower.)

Taxes in Treasury Bonds/Bills:

The yield on these avoids State Income tax, but is still subject to Federal income tax.

Therefore after taxes, the yields on these products are generally sub 3.5%- then when you account for core inflation currently at 4%…


If you don’t understand how your investments are taxed, you’re in a fight with 1 arm tied behind your back.

Click the link in my bio if you’re interested in hearing our sophisticated approach, focused on generating AFTER TAX RETURNS.

Disclosure: tax rates differs person to person and state to state. Returns aren’t guaranteed when working with LifeGoal.

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