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Nicole Baker


Coach for Perfectionists 🎙 Life Coach Baker Podcast Motivational Speaker

Favorite tools for climbing up the negative emotional ladder hole: 🪜 ⁣

1️⃣ Get out of your own head ⁣

Our negative internal voice is LOUD! ⁣

So one of my favorite (and IMO, easiest) ways to quiet that voice down and start climbing is to put someone else's voice in your head. ⁣

So turn on a podcast, audiobook, TED talk, or silly video, and watch your negative voice quiet down. ⁣

2️⃣ Put your legs up the wall ⁣

For this one, I gotta give credit to my therapist cause it's been a GAME changer for me. ⁣

When you put your legs against the wall so you literally look like you are a 90-degree line from high school geometry - you're changing your breathing pattern. ⁣

When we're stressed and in a negative state our breathing is shallow at best but normally it's just non-existent ⁣

By putting your legs up the wall, you are changing your blood flow which also changes your breathing to more diaphragmatic patterns ⁣

(also for those scientists out there, yes I know there's much more to it but I'm keeping it simple!) ⁣

3️⃣ Change the room you're in ⁣

As much as we like to think we are super complex human beings, we are also easily distracted.⁣

Sometimes one emotional rung up the ladder can mean going into another room and looking around (you can also go outside and do this on a walk) ⁣

Odds are if you're in a negative state, you're fixating on a situation in your mind - by going into another room and mindfully looking around, you are literally distracting your brain and this can bring you to a more neutral emotional state. ⁣

Which tool do you want to try?
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