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www.library4multilinguals.com Author writing books for multilingual children

The Grand Multi-literacy Event is upon us 😃

Only 4 days to wait until the start of this event that will be ALL ABOUT MULTILINGUAL LITERACY!!

Have you checked the programme yet? If not, download it at
🔗 bit.ly/multiliteracyevent 🔗
(link also in my bio)

And don't forget to enter the 🎉GIVEAWAYS🎉
To do so, click on any RED GIFT ICON in the programme. (Explanation on p1 of programme)

🙏Thank you again to all the speakers and contributors coming together to make this event possible 🙏

My 🙌 Sponsors 🙌
🌟 Ute's International Lounge & Academy 🌟
🌟 Fluent Books Publishing 🌟

For 🧠 the RESEARCH 🧠
Dr Ellen Bialystok, Dr Jim Cummins, Mr Jacob Huckle, Dr Nayr Ibrahim, Pr Catherine McBride

For 💡The Practical Tips 💡
Anna Cardelli Lynch & Vivien Lungo from Luca's Library, and me (Yoshito Darmon-Shimamori)

For 💬 Language specific insights 💬
April Wu (Chinese), Chryssa Oikonomidou (Greek), Weronika Ozpolat (English), Cynthia Kasparian & Lina Kholaki (Arabic), Kaori Horike (Japanese)

For 📚 Resources 📚
Elisavet Arkolaki, Adam Beck, Amanda Hsiung-Blodgett, Maritere Rodríguez Bellas, Valérie Besanceney, Madly Chatterjee, Inna Figotina, Marie Robert, Alex MacDonald, Irene Kang, Natalia Simons, Michael Wong, Michelle Glorieux

#biliteracy #multilingualparenting #multilingualkids #eal #internationalschools #homeschooling
REMINDER #6 - Let's make sure we spend quality time with our children

This one is a reminder as much for me as much as it is for you. 😅

As parents, we are all busy. And when we want to raise multilingual children, it takes a lot of time. But this shouldn't be at the expense of SPENDING QUALITY time with our children.

This is why I wrote "The Parents' Guide to Raising Multi-literate Children" (Read the 1st chapter free: https://www.library4multilinguals.com/theparentsguide )

and why Ana Elisa Miranda and @UtesInternationalLounge wrote "The Toolbox for Multilingual Families".

[Both books available on Amazon]

We explain how we can all teach our children through play.

#playbasedlearning #multilingualfamilies #multilingualkids #familybonds
Reminder #4 - Let's focus on WHAT our children are telling us and not HOW they are talking.

Especially when we are the only source for our home language, we can feel like we MUST correct all the mistakes our children make.

But our corrections are not always well received by our children...

In our video called "How to 'correct' our children in a positive way - The Narrator's Game" @UtesInternationalLounge and I show you how and when we can effectively correct our children's mistake, and introduce you to the Narrator's Game as an example to do it.

👉 Full video YouTube- Activities for Multilingual Families / "How to correct our children in a positive way - The Narrator's Game"
LINK : https://youtube.com/watch?v=fyx5zyyUU3Q&si=metrKZBiN9i3A4X4
#mistakes #correction #homelanguage #multilingualkids
Reminder #3 : To motivate children to speak in our home language, let's talk about/do what interest them.

Extract from the video "SPEAKING - Some no-prep activities for multilingual families"
👉 on YouTube - Activities for Multilingual Families

#multilingualfamilies #familybonds #homelanguages
REMINDER #2 : Let's make our languages fun

When we live in a country, we can benefit from repeated exposure to learn accurately a language.

This doesn't happen as much in our home languages. As a result, our children can carry on making the same mistakes for a long time. And this is COMPLETELY NORMAL.

So to help them with accuracy, we need to make things memorable. Making it FUN through GAMES is a excellent way to achieve that.

I will let you explore our video titled "Charades and Gestures in Multilingual Families" to see get a concrete example of how you can achieve that.

📣 Watch it on YouTube on our channel "ACTIVITIES FOR MULTILINGUAL FAMILIES"

🔗 Link in bio.

#A4MF #homelanguage #multilingualkids #charades
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