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🌱 Metabolism reset, gut health solutions, and expert nutrition advice.

Everyone has a different level of tired and stress.

It's why the "generic" advice you have been reading and listening to for years hasn't worked.

Just “sleep more!” or “breathe more” isn’t enough. We need something more helpful than that.

It took me years to finally figure that out. Lots of trial and error.

I wish that years ago I had someone who could just take a look at my life and point to what I can do differently to help me out.

Someone to tell me the exact specific things I can do that fit into my busy life without making my life even harder.

I probably wouldn't have wasted so much damn time trying to figure it out for myself.

It's why I only want to help women who are busy. Women who have demanding jobs and careers. Who have children (and partners) driving them crazy.

Because you are already maxed out of bandwidth.

You need someone to just tell you what you need based on your personal situation and life.

What can help you the fastest, because you don't have time for anything else.

I based my entire health coaching practice on this. Because it is not fair that the only women who can have the perfect healthy diet and physique are the ones who seem to be less busy than you.

I’ll help you figure it out because you deserve it.

🌟Email me if you are just done trying to figure it out on your own and are just too busy to add one more thing to your plate.

But you want to feel better. You want to eat healthier. You want that life.

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You can make your own probiotics!

Anything fermented contains healthy bacteria that will help replenish your gut microbiome.

I just personally love dill pickles.

First: Gather your mason jar, cucumbers, and dill. (Everything is washed).
You will also need sea salt and filtered water.

Chop up cucumbers into the size of choice and place them into a jar with the dill.
Add filtered water. (leaving some room at the top, but making sure all the veggies are covered in water.

I added my salt by weight (3%) (because chemist nerd!) This was 9g, which is about 1.5 tsp for my small mason jar. If you use a bigger jar, then adjust accordingly.

Tighten the lid, and shake gently to dissolve salt. Then take the lid back off and gently place back on top (do not tighten lid).

Place in a spot that won’t be disturbed for a few days. You will start to see bubbles at the top!! That’s a good thing!! That means it's fermenting.

After a few days, taste a pickle and if you like it, tighten the lid and store in the fridge!!

Boom dill pickles!!

You can add other flavorings you like, like garlic cloves, chili peppers, peppercorns, etc. You can also substitute the cucumbers for other veggies!!

Save this for when you want to make your own fermented pickles to increase your daily probiotics for optimal gut health!!

Do you make your own pickles? What flavors/veggies do you use!! I would love more recipes!

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And now I'll literally sweat it out in 90 degrees weather, because I do not care what anyone thinks anymore 🙃

There was a time where I let fear dictate my life. 

But you know what the problem with doing that is?

Nothing in your life changes.

Nothing in your life is exciting.

Enter: Life rut. 

I was constantly searching for something. 

We all do this. That’s why we are on social media watching other people’s lives.

People who seem to have their crap together.

People we can look up to. 

Food that looks better. 

Houses that look cleaner

People who look fitter than us. 

Let’s pave our own path. 

Let’s get healthier, fitter, happier, more satisfied with our life. 

Let’s become fearless too.

Becoming fearless is the gateway to finally living that fun, exciting life you have been too scared of. 

To become fearless we must eat better, exercise, and work on ourselves. 

To me, getting that life on the other side of fear is worth finally figuring this out.

👉👉What is fear stopping you from doing👈👈


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How to overcome fear, How to live a fun and exciting life, How to break out of a life rut, How to become fearless, How to turn fear into excitement, How to eat better, exercise, and work on yourself to become fearless, The gateway to a fun and exciting life is on the other side of fear
How do I know if what I am eating is working for my body?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, keep plugging along and ignore all the outside nutrition noise:

😜Do I feel energized every day?
🙂Is my digestion good everyday? (no extra bloat, constipation, diarrhea, belly pain, etc).
😃Is my skin clear?
🤩Am I managing stress in a healthy way?
🥱Am I sleeping really good?
😉Am I motivated and productive most days?
😁Do I feel mostly happy and content most days?

Your body (and mood) is always telling you if you are feeding it correctly.

It doesn’t matter what diet plan (or eating strategy) you choose.
You can be vegan, keto, carnivore, flexitarian, etc.

As long as you feel amazing most days (and actually eeeeating), you are doing right by your body.

So stop overthinking it!

Ignore the food and nutrition noise out there and just continue to do you!!

How many of these did you answer “YES” too?

And if you are looking for a good starting place to tweak your diet? Look where you said “no” to.
That’s your starting point!!

Have a question you need me to answer next, drop it below and it can be my next video!

(and if you want to see this whole video (its only about 20 min), check out my bio
for the YouTube link

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Want to practice mindful eating because you are done with all the counting?

(seriously, counting sucks!!)

Here is what you do:

First understand that mindful eating is really just learning how to read your own body, so first you need to follow what your body is doing!

For one week: track and write down:

🤪Your moods (happy, sad, angry, irritable, etc).

🥱Your sleep patterns 

😁Your energy patterns (awake, tired, lazy, productive, etc). 

😔Your stress and anxiety patterns

🥵Your physical being (bloating, breakouts, rashes, etc).

😋Your food cravings and appetite  

If you do this well, (I would suggest you do in this REAL TIME, time stamping everything!), you will learn (very quickly), how to be more in the moment with yourself and if you write it down in the moment:

You will see specific patterns and start to see that you are tired at the same time everyday, or moodier the same time everyday, etc. 

THEN, you can go back and see what you were doing leading up to that observation (what you were doing, who were you with, what were you eating, etc). 

The act of writing it down in the moment, forces you to pay attention. (which for many of us, do not do very well because we are too busy just doing life stuff). 

Learning how to pay attention to your body is the crucial first step in successfully mastering Mindful Eating. 

👉Let me know if you find this helpful!!

👉Would you be willing to try this exercise? 

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mindful eating,intuitive eating, mindful eating tips, mindful eating exercises, how to eat mindfully, the benefits of mindful eating, mindful eating for weight loss, mindful eating for stress relief, mindful eating for anxiety, mindful eating for
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