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Lex Lyonne


Teaching you how to be the main character of your life 💕 ✉️ Lexlyonne@gmail.com

#CapCut I had to take a break from everything for my mental health. I have been drowning in grief. I was in a daze and I gave up on everything. It was so hard to get through things but with the help of my family, husband, friends and my little one, I can finally breathe again.

My angel in heaven would never want me to be this sad. She prepared me for all of this but I still felt so unprepared. I miss her everday. I miss her unconditional love and her hugs. She was the kindest woman you would ever meet. She was feisty and she fought the world to give me the life that i have. I realized recently that I have to live. I cannot let grief consume me.

I have a pupose and I have to fulfill my destiny. God truly blessed me with so much, and I am thankful for it all.

If you are dealing with grief, you can handle this. Do not let it consume you. Feel what you need to feel. Remind yourself of the good memories and all of the love that you want to give the person that went to heaven. You will see them again one day, but you have to remember to live and enjoy the time that you have. ❤️

#grief #whatisgriefifnotloveperservering #lex_lyonne #imissyou #mentalhealthbreak #mentalhealthmatters #drowningingrief #purpose #iloveyou
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