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Hand knit weighted blankets ☁️ Rest better, live better😴


7 Types of Rest🤯

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Sleep tips😴

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Summer heat🥵

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Sleep Vs. Rest🥱

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Replying to @lovelynightshadee lets talk about beads! most traditional #weightedblankets are filled with glass or plastic micro beads. if your blanket rips, not only will it be REALLY ANNOYING to clean, but the beads can be a hazard for babies, children, and animals. thats why we wanted to make our blanket without them! #glassbeads #sustainableswaps #blanketlife #weightedblanketsleep #letscuddle #handknitblanket #plasticbeads  created by letscuddleco with letscuddleco’s original sound
Do you have a #weightedblanket sitting in a closet or basement that you havent touched in years? You’re not alone. Unfortunately, a lot of weighted blankets end up abandoned like this. Thats why we designed #thecuddler to be easy to wash, have enely distributed weight, be breathable, and be made from sustainable materials ♻️

#handknit #stripcleaning #cleantok #howtowash #laundrystrip #laundrytok #letscuddle
Benefits of using a #weightedblanket? Often used to help reduce anxiety, help improve sleep, help relax muscles, and even help boost your mood ☀️ #anxietyrelief #bettersleep #moodboost #letscuddle
Replying to @Alec E. Remember those chunky yarn blankets that went viral a few years ago 🤔

The Cuddler is a bit of a step up as it is also weighted! 👀

Pets are known to rip open traditional weighted blankets, leaving your bed subject to millions of tiny beads making their way into every crevice of your home 😵‍💫🏡

The Cuddler is sustainably sourced and carefully crafted with high quality materials to last for decades to come, have even weight distribution, and prevent overheating 🥵

So you can cuddle with your fury friends without worrying about them ingesting any teeny tiny beads, and without the mess of course ✨

#weightedblankets #chunkyknit #chunkyknitblanket #cozyblanket #handknit #weightedblanketbenefits
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