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Leslie Jespersen


Claircognizant Confidence Queen ™️✨ plus size lifestyle



Receive it 🎯🥰 #selfloveclub #intuitivedownloads #lifehacks #selfworth  created by Leslie Jespersen with Leslie Jespersen's original sound
#duet with @Bethany Aline #hiccuphack heres @ERIC G. ‘S hiccup technique 😂 it works!
1️⃣ Last year I attended a women’s event at a casino by myself, and stood by myself at a cocktail table and the team at @cropsnj ended up joining my table. I was able to help get their story told at a conference I produced last fall We are now we collaborating on the next Brunch with Babes event at their new location!

2️⃣ I attended an event outside of my market by myself. The first 2 hours, the only people I was able to strike up a conversation with were the vendors. People were in their own groups/cliques and even the event facilitators were in their own little world, only talking with each other. I ended up chatting with someone sitting next to me and connected with a couple people, but there wasn’t really any time to have deeper conversations bc the event was over. From this experience, I made sure that when I host events, making people feel welcome and facilitating conversation was a top priority.

It’s so common to have fear around going someplace alone. We want to have our safety person, someone to be by your side, someone you feel comfortable with, someone to participate in activities with.

If we go solo, we fear social anxiety, feeling awkward, no one to talk to…

However…you could very well be keeping yourself from making new connections that could completely change your life.

If you spend all of your time in your comfort zone, you’re energetically blocking off what’s ready and waiting for you!

#womensmotivation #motivationforwomen #businesscoachingforwomen #womeninbusiness #businessenergetics
My secret? @printful 🤭🤫 I can make my own designs and upload them or you can design right on their website. My favorite are the T-shirts but ive ordered stickers, hoodies, crop tops, and hats also! Tbh, everything on my website is through printful! click the bink in lio to get started!
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