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Leslie Jespersen


Claircognizant Confidence Queen ™️✨ plus size lifestyle

10/10 recommend doing a retreat the week before your wedding. Thank you x a million Island Therapy for putting on such a beautiful, intentional day of healing and sisterhood!

I have been facilitating for so long without practicing my own self-care and filling my own cup and so for the month of September I closed my work calendar of any new appointments (this didn’t go as planned lol)

BUT - when I created the space, the universe provided opportunity after opportunity for me to care for myself deeper, including this day.

It was so good to connect with familiar faces and I left feeling totally fulfilled with new genuine friendships.

Also - This also might seem silly, and my family would laugh at me, but I am so proud of myself for kayaking for the first time. I don’t have natural balance and have never successfully surfed or paddle boarded, despite attempts. So anytime my family went kayaking, I opted out out of fear. Plus…I have horror stories from previous run-ins with nature lol so I was picturing water snakes jumping into my kayak 😂

During Kim’s manifestation workshop, I set an action step to say yes to opportunities that would get me closer to my goals.

After watching others go out in the kayaks and seeing how breathtakingly beautiful it was, I finally decided to give it a shot. I won’t lie, I was terrified the entire time, and surely thought I was going to end up upside down in the water. I didn’t go far, And my whole body is sore today, but I did it. And it really was so peaceful!

I wish I could bottle the feeling of calm and peace that I felt all day yesterday.

I now feel rejuvenated and excited for WEDDING WEEK!

#mullicariver ##retreats ##2023bride
When like minded women come together 🤝 powerful change happens! Grateful for @Soul Alignment Activator and the moves we are making to shift the paradigm of how ambitious women network and heal 💖
Replying to @Kate Bradley kate, should we come to Utah next?!
This interview airing DID convert to ticket sales, btw. 👏👏👏#brunchwithbabes
I flew more than halfway across the country to be interviewed live on TV and launch a unique networking community [BRUNCH WITH BABES] with my partner! This is how I did it:

* 10 months ago I worked with
@Lydia | PR Strategist to help me get crystal clear on my branding, messaging, positioning
* My partner @Soul Alignment Activator and I spent countless hours identifying our goals and creating a strategy to achieve those goals
* Part of that strategy was collaborating with key players in the target market like media personalities, influencers, and business owners.
* Shelby and I were super prepared on our initial meetings, and could answer all questions with clarity and confidence.
* We also reviewed who would answer which questions (when you do a press run, often you’re answering the same questions in each interview)
* The morning of, I get up 30 min early so I can take my time and don’t have to rush. Being late is an anxiety trigger for me so I don’t allow any room for it.
* I eat a decent breakfast 1.5 hours ahead (not too close to appearances- no burping!)
* I wear an outfit that represents my brand. This is important! Don’t wear something you “think” they’ll want to see - rather put on clothing that enhances your confidence and reflects your brand aesthetic.
* I do some vocal exercises to get any raspiness out of my voice, loosen up my mouth, etc.
* I also do somatic exercises to shake out any lingering energy that will not serve me!

These tangible tasks got me to my biggest appearance to date - a full 4 minute interview, live broadcast, website article, and video link.

BUT equally important is that I surround myself with people who believe in me, give me honest feedback, and connect me with similar people. I truly believe in myself and feel good speaking my truth and being in the spotlight.

Branding is not just about colors and press releases. It’s embodying who you are, how you help make people’s lives better, and feeling GREAT doing it. It’s networking, connection, and community.

It’s NOT living in fear or going after your competitors. It’s not hiding yourself or putting off opportunities “until”.

You deserve to start now!
#brandingtips #tvappearance #brunchwithbabes #albuquerque
Pack for #albuquerque with me! @BloomChic has me set for my trip to launch #BrunchwithBabes next week. We will be on live morning TV next Friday. Which dress should I wear? The navy or the black and pink floral?

#gifted #plussizefashion #plussizeootw
@At Anchor for the wedding prep WIN! I recommend booking these services for your shower too btw.

Ive got my @Hydrafacial appointments scheduled as well as my spray tan and a reiki sesh. Now that I am sitting here, thinking about it, I think I’m also going to book a full body scrub and massage, too!

@@mandi is such a badass business babe and im always in good hands on her table 🥰


##weddingtiktok ##engagedtiktok ##bridetobe ##bridaltiktok ##weddingprep
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