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Lena at Yours Truly Designs


Beautiful:easy to stitch machine embroidery designs at ytdesigns.com feltie



And here you thought we were slacking. Nooo no no. We’re working over here @ytdesigns getting #newdesigns ready and they are #comingsoon to ytdesigns.com don’t miss the intormprices okaaaayyyy
It’s a VERY good thing I work best under pressure. Listening to course books because #studentlife while I draw cuz #artistlif and the machines are stitching cuz #machineembroiderydesigner and replying to emails because #enterpreneurship #notimeforsleep #sleepisfortheweak yes we are working on the craftroom in the back- I now have a helper so :-)
It’s a #beautifulday to have a #greatday let’s go fellow #enterpreneur #wahmom let’s get her done. What’s on your list? I have two game shelves to put together a client to help, a kitchen to clean. Another client to do a case update on. Two exams two discussion board posts and a paper to write.
Some of y’all know I earned two bachelor degrees graduated in May #libertyalumi well I am now a graduate student. I’m trying to graduate by December. But #imabouttolosemymind coursework dropped for this term. And I gotta read an entire book in just ONE of the courses. #jesushelpme so if I am short or MIA- that’s why. #wahm #enterpreneur #student #momlife #wifelife #psychologist #tryintostaysane I’m still working on @ytdesigns updates. So don’t give up on me!
First. I understand that there are #newbies but said newbies- learn how to grade your questions in a non threatening way PUHHHHLEASSSEE #justbenice if you don’t understand a design. That’s okay. I’m here to help you understand- but if you give me exactly fifteen minutes to respond before msging nasty again. Dude… no. Just no okay?
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