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LEKZ | Polynesian Artist


Polynesian Artist family just out here growing. Puttin on for our people ✊🏽



Shoutout to the fam for reaching out and for believing that I was the right one for the job. *humble brag* I was the RIGHT one haha
After receiving a reference image of an Etsy post I knew what I wanted to do. For a long time I’ve been studying and collecting images and excerpts about the
#Malofie . Not only is that something I hope to one day receive but it is something I feel very passionate about and dream about learning/assisting in.
I was able to use all of the knowledge I’ve attained this far to not only create a custom piece but I made it to be the exact Malofie that the uso received. This is a set of custom prints of the front and back view of the Malofie. It was such an amazing project to receive and I hope to be able to do more for all my brothers and sisters blessed by the au. Perfect gift for your loved ones who have completed their #tatau journey and proudly wear the marks of our people.
Hit us up and let’s get your custom set made 😁🤙🏽
#aganuu #malu #samoa #measinasamoa #sogaimiti #pea
One thing that I’m waiting for #procreate to come out with is the offset path option because hand drawn outlines that aren’t consistent throughout annoy my eyes haha it’s this thing about wanting to have a clean vector look without using illustrator or any other program besides procreate. One day I will sit down and invest a concentrated amount of time to learn illustrator and the other adobe programs.
#lekz55 #keepingculturealive #samoa #tuiga #nifooti #culture #aganuu
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