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LeAnn Rimes Cibrian


god’s work ~ out now / “the story… so far tour” order a hand poured candle 👇🏼



#duet with @tenillearts #jealousofmyself this song and your voice are so beautiful 🤍 hope you don’t mind me singing along for a tiktok duet, i couldn’t resist!!
practice makes perfect! one of these days, when i can make it through this song without bawling, i’ll add #spaceship to “the story… so far tour” set. 🥲🤍

if you’ve not checked out my latest release yet, head on over to wherever you get your music, as the “spaceship” ep is available to stream now. it features the full track as well as some bad ass remixes from my dear friend @daveaude . so you can cry, sing, dance…. or do all of the above at once 🛸
Replying to @janicealger542 i released a new album in september sweets. you can find “god’s work” in all the places you get music 🤍
Replying to @ckleingeld1982 you know what it actually was..? a bit of fun for a photoshoot 😝 #behindthescenes #itsawig #coyoteugly #throwback
well this is a fun start to our #internationalwomensday , thanks for the nomination @cmt 🤍

it’s always an honor to share the stage with such talented, badass women, but the conversations and connections shared across our time together made this experience so magical. if you love these women as much as i do, head over to cmt and vote for #onewayticket in cmt’s performance of the year category. it’s a double vote day so go make that vote count #onewayticket #ashleymcbryde #carlypearce #cmt #cmtawards #crossroads #vote
Replying to @jayskibb just for you sweets 😉
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