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The Witchwood Teahouse


A Mystic Witch | The Witchwood Teahouse | Author | Podcaster

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If you want to make a difference and stop supporting big corporations you can find the link to my website in my bio.
I hand blend loose leaf tea in Pennsylvania.

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Sunday. My day to decompress, relax, and rejuvenate.

After speaking with a very close friend about the troubles of managing a family with all the cleanup and the running around, I realized there is too much hustle and bustle happening. I made breakfast, (which this late in the day, it was more like brunch) and ate in relative silence.

I found myself in need of a cup of tea. Then made my way upstairs where the laundry basket is waiting for me to take it to the basement.

Instead I sat on the bed. It's silent for the most part up here. I can hear my teenager in the other room playing a Star Wars game and my husband downstairs in the livingroom watching a soccer game.

For now I will sit here. Sipping my Nettle and Rosehip tea. After this I will do some ecstatic breath work and take a walk. Maybe on my way out the door I'll put the laundry in the washer. If I forget, then so be it.

As life gets more complicated and things get busier, I realize I must make an effort to create peaceful moments and restorative experiences. I must tap into and wash myself in the Magick of simplicity. After all we spend so much of our time and energy complicating things, only to turn around and complain about how complicated they have become.

A conscious effort has to be made for self-care on the deepest level... not superficial self-care, but deeply exquisite self-care.

I hope this servers you as well. This is a reminder that self-care can be simple and can fit into the busiest schedule... When we allow it.

It's your choice.

Blessed be!

#SelfCare #selflove #witchetok #witchythings
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