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Loss & Damage Youth Coalition



🌍✊ Together for Climate Justice! 📣

We're thrilled to share the powerful presence of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition on Day 2 of the
#africaclimateweek and Summit! Our voices rang out loud and clear as we united under the #LossAndDamageFinanceNow banner.

🌱 Climate change knows no boundaries, and it's impacting our generation and future generations. That's why we're standing together, demanding action from leaders and stakeholders at this critical summit.

💪 It's time to prioritize #LossAndDamage and ensure climate justice for all. We are not just victims; we are leaders and advocates for change. Our consistent participation in climate policy is vital!

#LossAndDamageFinanceNow !
Hear from Farhana, our dedicated member based in Malaysia, who actively contributes to tracking the Loss and Damage Fund. As part of our Coalition, we are committed to actively participating in the process that shapes global #climate action, aiming to foster impactful solutions to combat climate change. Join us in advocating for urgent #LossAndDamageFinanceNow , as we work towards securing a sustainable future for generations to come.
As Founder of The Green Protector (@thegreenprotector) and the esteemed our Co-Founder and Global Coordinator  Ineza passionately advocates for the intersection of #ClimateJustice 🌱 and #GenderEquality whilst capitalizing on yet another astounding opportunity to push our mission and strive towards our objective to achieve #LossAndDamageFinanceNow . By championing the empowerment of not only girls and women but also frontline communities, she embodies the tenets of global climate justice. With great honor and anticipation, we eagerly await her appearance on the plenary stage at #WD2023 !

Here is link https://www.wd2023.org/global-dialogue/
The heavy rains in #HimachalPradesh have caused extensive loss and damage, including 14 major landslides and 13 flash floods. As a result, over 700 roads have been closed, and several districts will continue to experience heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. The effects of these natural disasters highlight the urgent need for climate finance to support vulnerable communities in adapting to and recovering from the increasing impacts of climate change.
One In Africa has produced an outstanding video that vividly portrays the harsh realities young people in developing nations have to endure due to the devastating effects of the #climate crisis. This powerful footage highlights the urgent need for the implementation of #LossAndDamageFinanceNow , which is crucial to minimize the socio-economic impact of climate change on vulnerable communities.
We're thrilled to announce the release of an impactful and thought new video featuring Eva Peace, an esteemed negotiator at @lossdamageyouth, as she shares her insightful reflections on the outcomes of the recently concluded #BonnClimateChangeConference and sheds light on the pressing issue of #ClimateFinance .

In this empowering video, Eva Peace emphasizes that today's youths are far from being mere radicals; they possess a deep understanding of the complex issues surrounding climate change and its devastating consequences. Their voices and perspectives are crucial in shaping and implementing effective strategies to address the urgent matter of #LossAndDamageFinanceNow !

Recognizing the significance of youth representation, Eva stresses the importance of inclusivity within the decision-making processes, both internally among the youth community and externally in the broader global context. By ensuring that the voices of young individuals are not only heard but also genuinely integrated into policy discussions and actions, we can pave the way for a sustainable future for generations to come.

This video serves as a clarion call to policymakers, urging them to embrace the invaluable insights and perspectives offered by the youth. By working collaboratively and harnessing the collective wisdom of all stakeholders, we can accelerate progress in achieving comprehensive and equitable solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.

So, don't miss this exceptional opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge from Eva Peace, an inspiring figure in the fight against climate change. Join us in advocating for #LossAndDamageFinanceNow and ensure that the voices of the youth resonate powerfully within the global conversation on climate action. Together, let's forge a path towards a greener and more sustainable future!
Brenda Mwale, a youth negotiator and member of @lossdamageyouth, focuses on adaptation and Loss and Damage. In her reflection on the outcomes of the #Bonnclimatechangeconference , Brenda emphasizes the willingness and capability of youth to actively participate in the conversations and processes that shape our future, aiming to bring about the necessary change.

📌: It is evident that we cannot solve the challenges we face by relying solely on the same system that contributed to them. The youth possesses the capacity to bring the essential determination and creativity required to initiate transformative actions.
A remarkable new video has just been released featuring kc shreya, a highly skilled youth negotiator. In it, she reflects on the recent Global Stocktake conversation that took place during the #BonnClimatechangeConference . Despite the common misconception that young people lack understanding of important issues, kc shreya proves this narrative to be false. In order to ensure that our goal of #LossAndDamageFinanceNow ! is achieved, it is imperative that we capture and listen to the voices of the youth both within and outside of the negotiations.
Attention everyone, the recently introduced #NewGlobalFinancingPact offers an incredible chance to kickstart our efforts in closing the financing gaps that are hindering our ability to effectively combat Climate Change. It is imperative that leaders heed the passionate call of the younger generation and ensure that the upcoming summit delivers concrete actions that will address the issue of #LossAndDamage . Let us come together and urge our leaders to make #LossAndDamageFinanceNow a reality! It is time for our collective efforts to make a significant impact in safeguarding our planet's future.
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