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Lauren | Self-Love💚Confidence


Aerie Creator Ambassador💚 encouraging you to embrace who you are!

🍁 "Waving 'Bye Bye Bye' to summer like *NSYNC's music video — complete with dance moves and everything! 🎤✨ This summer was my unofficial sabbatical from the 'gram, and you know what? It felt oh-so-good. From nights filled with belly laughs to therapeutic breakthroughs, my heart is doing backflips.

It’s been THE SUMMER of exploring new hobbies, deep diving into family therapy, and even revisiting my love for writing. There were also dance parties (obviously), dream trips, and, oh yeah — a missing tooth. I wasn't kidding; it was an EVENTFUL summer. 🦷

The real gem of these past months? Learning to embrace stillness. Let me tell you, it’s a game-changer. As a habitual 'do-er,' pressing the pause button felt freeing and terrifying, kinda like dreading those dentist visits but knowing on the other side you’ll feel a whole lot better. 😅

Life is full of surprises. Like The Rock wisely said, 'It can be one day or day one.' So I'm rolling with it — embracing 'day ones,' leaning into faith, and making peace with the unknown.

Your turn, babe! What were your 'day one' moments this summer? Did you embrace a dream or did you find solace in standing still? ☀️👇🏽
Can't wipe this smile off my face😍- I swear I was grinning in my dreams. Get ready with me for day 1 of our Aerie Sister trip!

Prepping is in full swing🏄🏽‍♀️, and it feels like we're sculpting magic - off to scout the sunniest photoshoot locations 🌴, prep our cabana, and sprinkle a bit of Aerie magic ✨ in our room.

This is not just special, it's
#AerieREAL special - meeting my Aerie sisters IRL🫶🏽 for the first time, capturing our radiant vibes in an Aerie swim photoshoot! 📸🎉

I couldn’t have pulled this off without my @aerie + @Youth Marketing Connection team, my girls, and of course, YOU! It's your support that's created this dreamy opportunity to share my journey and experiences. 🎢

So excited to take you along this ride of laughter, sisterhood, and an outpour of Aerie love💚 that's changed my life beyond measure. #aeriereal #aerieambassador #aeriepartner #aeriesistertrip2023
Can’t stop (won’t stop) happy dancing in my new @aerie arrivals!💃🏽

The excitement for our upcoming Aerie Sister trip is through the roof! 🎉 We’re off to Universal Orlando Resort, where we’ll be meeting IRL for the first time ever! 🤗 Plus, we’ve got a fun Aerie swim photoshoot 📸, a slumber party 🌙, and a whole day of adventure at Universal Parks! 🎢

Let me know your fave new arrival (or just drop the word AERIE in the comments so I know we’re saying all of them are our faves! 😜) #aeriereal #aeriepartner #aerieambassador
Aerie Diaries PT.4🌸 Ready to set your summer on real? 👀 @aerie new drop is here and my heart just did a cartwheel! 🥳 Hosting my first-ever Aerie Sister trip is giving me all kinds of feels – and yes, my luggage is bursting with Aerie newbies! Can't wait to soak up the sun with my Aerie sisters and our fab new arrivals! ☀️👙

My absolute fav? The Aerie Wide Rib Unlined Underwire Plunge Bikini Top. It's not just a bikini, it's a swim day game-changer! 🌊 This ribbed fabric stunner brings out the real YOU, turning heads and raising the summer-style bar! 🙌 And hold up – it's got UPF 50 sun protection? Mind = 🤯 (Don't ditch the sunscreen though, safety first! 😉)

Follow my Aerie Diaries Series for all the Aerie love and behind-the-scenes from our Aerie Sister Trip.

Stay tuned for an Aerie-lly good time! 🎉
Who's up for a little trip down @aerie memory lane?

POV: a chilly, rainy park, and there I am, embracing it all in my Aerie swim to get the shot! Totally worth the shivers - Aerie re-posted it! But what happened next was absolutely mind-blowing! 🤯

Enter stage right: the "No Makeup - No Problem" campaign. As someone who used to sleep in makeup (we've all been there right?), I thought makeup was the only way to feel beautiful and confident, but this campaign inspired me to bare my truth. There were many ups and downs, but now I feel SO free and confident with my bare face. And it all started with that campaign.

Just as I was riding this wave, I shot in this mermaid worthy aerie swim, imagining my photo would be re-posted again *DRUMROLL* - instead Aerie shared it on a billboard in Times Square and in stores alongside the glowing Aerie fam! Cue happy tears and the realization that my dreams were soaring high.

A little fast-forward magic, and there I was, sharing my voice to the Aerie Real Voice Campaign, shining in NYC Aerie's Live Watch & Shop. It's been a head-spinning, heart-pounding adventure, and I can't thank Aerie enough for taking a chance on me and teaching me that whether I fall or fly to always keep moving forward. #aeriereal #aerieambassador #aeriepartner
Happy (almost) two-year Aerie-versary to me! 🎉

As an
@aerie Ambassador turned Aerie Creator Ambassador, working with the Aerie Team and YMC has been nothing short of a dream come true. And it's sparked a pretty cool idea...

Hello "Aerie Diaries"! Think Princess Diaries, but swap the tiaras for feel good swim, comfy activewear, undies, and empowering vibes. 👑👙 This journey has been sprinkled with some serious magic, the latest hosting my first-ever Aerie Ambassador Trip, or as we call it, our Aerie Sister Trip! Can't wait to meet my Aerie sisters IRL and take you along for the joy ride. 🚀💫

Whether you're an Aerie OG or new to the fam, get ready for the try-ons, hauls, and all the behind-the-scenes fun from my Aerie Sister Trip. But most importantly, I'll be sharing how Aerie’s mission has inspired me to embrace my REAL self, follow my heart, and continue to create positive change. 🙌💕

Aerie's no-retouching was just the start. They've been my wing-women on my journey of self-discovery, constantly reminding me that my most real self is my most powerful self. It's a never-ending journey, but one I'm honored to be on. So, here's to more Aerie adventures and the power of real! 🎉💖 #aeriereal #aerieambassador #aeriepartner
Let me guess... you have a HUGE dream on your heart but that's as far as it's got.

Putting it out into the universe is scary business — trust me, I get it!
Actually taking action on your dreams? Yikes. There are WAY too many what ifs,

🤔 What if I fail?
🤔 What if it's a silly idea and nobody likes it?
🤔 What if people laugh at me?

And on and on the insecurities and self-doubts go.

Yet despite all of the fears, the dream hasn't left your heart and now it's time — time to put things into motion and start working towards making them come true.

💭 If only you could answer a few of those fears first.
👍 If only someone could give you a second opinion;
📈 Help you create an action plan; and
🤩 Encourage you in your gifts and capabilities.
👀 If only someone could hold you accountable.

Sounds like a dream, right?!

It doesn't have to be!

I'm so excited to be offering 1:1 Coaching Calls to help you to believe in yourself and start taking action on your dreams. We'll tackle all those fears, create a plan and so much more!

Head to the link in my bio to get started, babe!!! 💚
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